What can Anurag Kashyap learn from Karan Johar?

Anurag Kashyap quits Twitter
Yogen Shah

The Gangs of Wasseypur director has disconnected from Twitter and Facebook – is that ‘coz of the reactions to his rather peeved comments on The Good Road being the Indian entry to the Oscars instead of The Lunchbox? If it is, wethinks Mr Kashyap can use some chill-out time…

After Gyan Correa’s The Good Road was nominated to be India’s official entry to the Academy Awards, Anurag Kashyap and Karan Johar expressed their displeasure on the micro-blogging site Twitter. A lot of people were surprised by the Film Federation of India’s (FFI) decision. But the GOW director went many steps further and lambasted the organisation. He posted, “I dont know who the federation is. But it goes to show, why we completely lack the understanding to make films that can travel across borders.” After venting his anger with this and many other such messages, yesterday the director suddenly deleted his account on Twitter and on Facebook. His last tweet was, “Bye bye twitter… Enough feeding the wannabe journals”.

Now we understand that Anurag is upset about his film not making it to the Oscars. But while KJo and lot of other people who saw The Lunchbox and loved it to the core were disappointed, most were somewhat more restrained and dignified. Karan too took to Twitter and expressed his views, but he didn’t question the FFI nor did he claim The Lunchbox to be the best possible choice for the international event. If it is about sending the best film, then why was there no fuss last year when Barfi! was selected over the so much more deserving Paan Singh Tomar? Where were you, Mr Kashyap, back then? Or did you have an interest in seeing Barfi! win, as you do with The Lunchbox? We have to wonder…

When it comes to directing, Anurag is one of the best, but he needs to learn how to keep it cool in times when he feels that the going is not as good as it should be, from his good friend Karan Johar, who showed discretion, dignity and maturity in his responses. Also, demonstrating support for fellow filmmakers wouldn’t hurt, right? After all, it is India that will bring home the honour if The Good Road wins an Oscar, not just Correa and his team, hai na? Unless Anurag quit social networking for some other reason that we have not figure out yet….Anyone has a clue here? Do tell!Subscribe to me on YouTube