What can Deepika Padukone learn from Rajnikanth in Kochadaiyaan?

What can Deepika Padukone learn from Rajnikanth in Kochadaiyaan?

Praises come by the bucketful for Deepika Padukone with the generous dose of optical delight the leggy lass provides every time she appears on the big screen. Sadly, we hardly ever hear people talk in affirmations as far as Dippy’s acting skills are concerned, but we think the lovely lass should not lose hope – after all, she can learn quite a lot from her Kochadaiyaan co-star, Rajinikanth. He has already started teaching….

So what does Deepika Padukone do so well that she stays in the news? We all know that she is not one of the best actors we have in B-town. Neither is she an extraordinary dancer, nor does she slip into a character effortlessly or emote with amazing fluidity. What Deepika does with an absolute ease – and to the best of her ability – is to look good, all the time! And those drop-dead gorgeous looks, of course, have helped Dippy nab rich and fabulously wealthy men, even more meaty films and oodles of controversy. Not necessarily in that order, but the cycle of her life goes on to make sure that the 27-year-old stays in the media glare.

So where does the ‘inherently cultivated’ actor in her stand? Frankly speaking, nowhere! But Deepika the actor should not lose hope, certainly not yet! We all know that she is doing the much talked about film Kochadaiyaan with none other than the country’s supremely popular superstar, the demigod of cinema himself: Rajinikanth! What better teacher can Deepika have to learn all those skills she can only hope to acquire in her dreams.

There’s no doubt in our collective minds that Rajinikanth holds the potential to transform the babe – any babe – overnight. From projecting a range of theatrical expressions to getting her diction right (mind it!) and from flicking a cigar in the air while dodging a storm of bullets to bludgeoning a thousand men single-handedly, simultaneously, with the aforementioned cigar finding its original perch in his mouth with clinical precision, Rajini sir can certainly make our long-legged lady an omnipotent star.

And if you think that Dippy’s dancing is mechanical, Rajnikanth can teach her those high-voltage, dramatic dance moves that will metamorphose the girl into a livewire. But more than anything else, the South Superstar will teach Dippy how to put the character before and above everything else, to become the actor she always hoped to be.

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  • India K

    What a mean and ungenerous article. Deepika Padukone is a good actress and there’s no denying it.

  • a fan

    what a mean and biased article! is this where journalism is heading to? by degrading people? she is an actor so please keep that in mind while writing. Don’t bring her personal life in it especially when there’s no truth in it!

  • M. Gandhi

    Mr.jadhav seems to be suffering from some sort of a complex. This is cheap journalism. What an extremely odd essay. He clearly has a personal grudge. NOTHING objective about this piece. Shame on you.

  • Shane M.

    Disgusting article by a frustrated man.

  • Riki

    Mr. Jadav is undoubtedly in an irrational state of mind to have come up with this article. Gracing down one of the country’s superfine actress just to garner plenty of readers? Deepika is a radical artiste and seems like you have NO knowledge about it. Mr. Jadav shame on you. You’re an utterly desperate journalist for sure. Don’t lose hope, mend your writings.

  • DP fan

    Oh looks like Mr. Prathamesh Jadhav has some personal grudge on Deepika! What sort of cheap & attention seeking journalist you are Mr. Jadhav. Utterly Disgusting!!!

  • Ralph

    Ugly prathmesh yadav.. i bet Anushka and katrina are paying you

  • ela

    this is the most stupid article ever and so much elaborately stupid

  • Rahul B

    Poor Mr. jadhav, what do we do with someone like you? Could you ever become a self-respecting and respected writer? My suspicion is that you couldn’t … But I will pray that you do.

    There are some young writers around you can learn from.

  • M

    No we don’t agree, a**hole!

  • Vikram Varma

    Please do not generalize your petty thoughts. The vast majority of us would disagree with you.

  • Saarland

    don’t talk about collective minds señor, when all you are talking about is your own small mind. What a ridiculous piece of writing this is!