What did Kangna Ranaut cook for the cast and crew of Queen?

It seems the babe donned the chef’s hat while shooting for her upcoming film in Paris

We hear Kangna Ranaut has quite a thing for cooking and she got to show off her culinary skills recently while she was in the city of love and lights – Paris, working on her new film Queen directed by Vikas Bahl. The babe proved everyone – whoever thought she can’t wield those kadchis and kadais  – wrong. It seems she is pretty much an expert in stirring, sautéing, frying and anything to do with cooking.

So when the whole cast and crew was bored to death eating pizzas and pastas, Kangna satiated everyone’s craving for Indian cuisine by taking charge of the food department. The babe wore her toque, picked up her apron and got down to cooking bhindi masala and dal tadka for her filmi friends.

We hear everyone feasted on it – whether they licked their fingers to the point of looking like a jerk, now that is something we need to find out!