Posted Tue, January 14, 2014 2:46pm IST

The Jai Ho star is on a promotion spree and guess he has landed in Modi’s land

Salman Khan and Narendra Modi shared a lunch today on the occasion of Sankranti, looks like the Jai Ho star found good company to share a plate of Undhiyu. How do we know about this you ask, then let us explain. The Gujarat Chief Minister shared details of his lunch with Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan and details of their menu on his microblogging site. Modi wrote on his Twitter page minutes ago, “Having Undhiyu for lunch with Salman Khan. Undhiyu is a Gujarati delicacy and is a must-have during Uttarayan!” While we know what’s on their plate we would definitely wanna know what were their conversations too, hai na? That’s not it Modi and Mr Khan also had a kite flying session that they shared.

Sallu in his recent interviews has talked extensively about politics. The actor has also given not so political statements in his interview, he even shared how his film also has political angle involved. The actor said in an interview to a tabloid, “Jai Ho is a film aimed at spreading niceness. I am getting angry, agitated and frustrated now; my head hurts because of the comparisons being made. This film is about a common man, a good politician and a bad politician; that’s it… I will fight my cases through a battery of lawyers, not politicians. We have the best legal team with us. I am not going to take any help from any politician. If the judgement goes against us, I am going in. I have mentally kept some years away if the worst happens. I am not going to buckle under pressure from politicians who ask me kya ho raha hai case ka. I will fight like I should because I am not guilty. I am fed up of this. And don’t worry about me, I will come out and still get those TRPs soaring.”

Having spotted Salman in some influential political company we wonder if this duo share a mutual admiration club or then is there a new friendship brewing between this B-town’s superstar and Gujarat’s CM?