What did Salman Khan confess to Karan Johar on Koffee with Karan 4?

The Bodyguard actor surprised viewers and the host as he spilled more than just a few beans on Johar’s popular celebrity chat show

Salman Khan was seen and heard like never before on the debut episode of Koffee With Karan Season 4. After waiting for a really long time, we finally watched the blockbuster episode where the Bodyguard hero chatted with Karan Johar about this, that and everything else. It was a paisa vasool episode in the true sense as Salman spoke of his work, his loves, his rivalries and his fears. The star doesn’t do interviews too often. In fact, many swear that he’s not an easy person to talk to and can be moody, whimsical and even rather scary. Karan had a taste of this in a previous show, Lift Kara De. Remember that one?

Things have certainly changed. And the wait for the new season of KWK was totally worth it. The Jai Ho actor was unlike anything we – or even Karan himself – expected. He was frank, open, fluent, funny, clever and charismatic. Sallu admitted that he feared KJo’s much loved couch, but he was at his witty best, not letting go of a single opportunity to take cracks at his rivals, ex-girlfriends and the host himself. Karan opened the episode with that most dreaded question: What about marriage? And then the show segued through Salman’s relationship with Shahrukh Khan, his work, his reaction to former loves and much more.

Of all the confessions that the Being Human actor made, we picked the most outstanding and added our wacky tadka

I am a virgin: We believe that, just like Kamaal R Khan does. Unfortunately Sallu, you gave the truth away with another statement you made that night – that your wedding to Sangeeta Bijlani was cancelled after the cards were distributed because you were caught cheating on her! Peeps, how many of you really believe that the star is a virgin? And remember, Rakhi Sawant made a similar statement too. Wink wink!

When people ask me for a relationship, I tell them I am not there for any kind of serious kinda relationship: Guess Sallu met his ex Katrina Kaif’s current man Ranbir Kapoor before this interview…is he seeking inspiration from the younger man?

Technically I have never broken up with anyone, because I have never had a girlfriend: What about the breakup with Sangeeta and the ugly fall out with Aishwarya Rai (now Bachchan)? Maybe Salman doesn’t know that people are more updated about his love life than about his hits and flops, hai na?

I am going to save myself for someone I am going to get married to: Didn’t you also say that you are not ready for commitment or marriage? Also considering your image and the relationships you have had, we wonder if there will be anyone left to marry.

It’s damn good to sleep alone: Yeah, after that long list of ladies in your life, some personal space would be welcome!

I am suddenly scared of what I say, I do, the fun things I used to do: This interview was fun! Now we really wanna know more about the ‘fun things’ you did earlier! Karan needs to confirm Salman as first guest for next season, so we can find out.

I think I am very boring and I am a below average actor: Well, we do not know about the boring bit, but we don’t doubt you when you claim that you are a below average actor. After all, the Dabangg dude’s words are final, no?

Me and Shahrukh Khan would not be the best of friends again!:  We heard your dad Salim Khan say that already… yawn! How about frenemies (friendly enemies)? You like our tag for your special ‘bond’ with SRK?

There is respect I have for Shahrukh and have loved him over the years: That gives us a deja vu feeling, Didn’t SRK say something similar in his looooooooong apology to Sallu in the last season of the chat show? We wonder if he met SRK before heading to the KWK sets… or did Karan give the stumped Khan some cues to munch on beforehand?

I really like Priyanka Chopra, I love Priyanka, she is phenomenal: Is she the next Katrina Kaif? Or the lady you save yourself for?

Onscreen kissing isn’t fun: Does that mean that you only enjoy it off screen? Wink wink!

The best part of being Salman Khan is that you are in trouble all the time: Tell us something we don’t know!

Kareena should be a housewife, if not an actor: Considering that the Gori Tere Pyaar Mein actor’s films aren’t doing well, Kareena Kapoor Khan should perhaps take Sallu’s advice.

Ranbir is a puppy; Shahrukh is a shark: Nice names for the competition, but we would like it if Sallu elaborated…why does he call them that?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the most stunning actor: We have to agree with you on this one, Salman.

Ranbir is taking away everything – it’s not fair: Everything is fair in love, hai na?