What do Big B and Salman Khan share?

Every time the two superstars are shooting at Mehboob Studio, a particular gentleman is at their beck and call

Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan might not attend each other’s parties or hang out for a drink after a shoot, but there is a strange connection between the Dabbang dude and the Bbuddah… star. They have a man in common! Now don’t start getting any naughty thoughts here. It so happens that every time Salman is shooting in Mehboob Studio, there is a particular elderly gentleman from the studio canteen who is at the hunk’s beck and call. A source from the studio says, “Every time Bhai is shooting here, he (the elderly gentleman) will drop everything to attend to him. Bhai doesn’t like anyone else cooking for him.” Co-incidentally, this same chappie is also Big B’s main man when it comes to food. The other day, during the Aarakshan promotion meet, Amitabh got hungry for his favourite vegetable sandwiches (brown bread, butter, chatni, tomato without seeds and cucumber). Instantly, Big B’s staff were on the lookout for the canteen ‘boy’. No one else but this gent could take the star’s order. After he was found, he was asked to drop everything else and get set to meet the superstar’s food demands. Surely the elderly gentleman must be on cloud nine for his ‘in demand’ status! However, we can’t help wondering now how he juggles things when both stars are shooting in the studio at the same time.