What do Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have in common?

What do Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have in common?
Yogen Shah

We all know they both are actors but Sallu and his ex-girlfriend share something else too. Read on to know what…

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are poles apart in every aspect. While Khan is known is to be outspoken and witty, Ms Kaif on the other hand prefers keeping a low profile. However, the Bhai of Bollywood and the Dhoom:3 babe are at par when it comes to throwing starry tantrums. In an interview to a leading daily, Salman openly confessed, “I myself have so many of them (tantrums). How can you throw more tantrums? If I throw more tantrums, producers will throw me out of the film (laughs)!” Interestingly, his good friend does the same but of course doesn’t talk about it. We hear Ranbir Kapoor’s alleged ladylove recently gave the makers of her upcoming film Bang Bang a hard time and here’s how: The makers of Hrithik Roshan and Kat starrer wanted to do a photo shoot while they were in Greece. A local photographer was also hired for the same but KK refused to shoot as she wanted to get clicked only by her favourite photographer. Well, the makers had no other option but to give in. However, nature played a spoilsport and the Bang Bang team couldn’t use most of the photographs. If that wasn’t enough, Ms Kaif’s recommended photographer turned out to be quite expensive.

We know the Jagga Jassos actor is an A-lister but we aren’t sure if she can afford to throw such tantrums. It’s different when Salman does it coz his star power is above everything else. Not to forget, Bollywood is still a male dominated industry. Yes, there are women-centric films being made but then Katrina is yet to pull off a film on her own, hai na? She may add the much needed glam quotient in a film but getting cash registers ringing is altogether a different story. Something Sallu miyaan manages to do and hence his starry tantrums are accommodated. But if Katrina Kaif doesn’t do away with her high-handed behaviour, her career may well end up bearing the brunt. Also, SK at least fears being thrown out of film but going by Kat’s tantrum saga wethinks she doesn’t care a bit. Certainly not good for Katrina, knowing stars can easily fade away in Bollywood within no time! Right Bollywoodlifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Iman Ali

    So what, we lov kat she is powerful actress in btown. Good luck katrina…. Keep on rocking

  • sana

    she is the most powerful actress in bollywood what are you talking about !! if there is salman then there is hurrican katrina!! im sooo gonna watch bang bang for her like i did with dhoom 3!! i went kamli…..shes amazing and i love her!!! you media are consantly saying that its a male dominating industry but its not…she only had one flop movie in 10 years and it was a movie with salman but at the same time they did ETT a 200 cr movie!!
    and i bet that KK and HR will teach you a leasson 250 cr biggest hit of the year!!
    we had rani ash kareena and katrina woman who did and are doing good work!! they changed this male dominating industry to an industry that gives woman an equal place and share!!! im a woman and go watch movies for women!!

  • euglo

    First of all congrats to bollywood life for proving that your loyalties lies with deepika but going by your articles maybe with salman may they keep paying u
    Second of all this is complete bull___ ______I wanna say lots of swear words but its hard to type so much so you can fill in blanks
    If you think she can’t pull films on her I suggest you watch new york and mbkd cause if you keep hating her you won’t see her movies to know what she can and can’t pull off
    Thirdly don’t worry about katrina we her fans will take care of her popularity and stardom you worry about people who pays you

    • bhai

      10000000% right!! i love kat and kareena and both are defamed on BL!!
      they try to belittle their work and at the same time they praise dp who was nothing before 2013!!! hope salman dosent work with her!!!!

  • jjj

    Leave katrina alone you idiots if you want to write shit write about your cheapika

  • bhai

    one thing that is common is “STARPOWER” later this year you can compare Kick with Bang Bang !!!

  • Rohini

    What they both have in common is they both can’t act!
    However Salman Khan loved Katrina a lot

    • euglo

      oh f off both can act and stop ur obsession u bit**
      you are one silly girl salman may love katrina but his nature being abusive and dominating can never handle all the past girlfriends he have

  • Rohini

    They both are perfect for each other both are old

    • euglo

      and what are you 3 years old girl don’t know what you are talking about come to your senses you are getting on my nerves

    • euglo

      and by the way you are one pathetic little mental case who needs help sooner rather than later i wonder what will happen if ranbir marries katrina well atleast than we don’t have to see your comments that is one benefit of them marrying it will shut u up for good

  • katty kat

    We loves u katrina