What do Salman Khan and Prateik have in common?

No, we are not talking about their acting skills or their workout regimes. This time, it’s a case of lurrvve…

Recently we saw a love-struck Prateik spending some quality time with Amy Jackson’s parents in London. And we thought it was oh-so-cute and thoughtful on the guy’s part. But just as we were about to reach out and touch wood, we heard that the couple broke up. Uh-ho! What is it with B-town and its jodis!

But what went wrong with Amy and Prateik’s lovesome twosome? On digging deeper we found that it was the proverbial problem of a possessive boyfriend. No sooner had we heard that did we remember Dabangg actor Salman Khan of apna B-town, who suffers from a similar ailment. Sigh! Looks like the P-bug bit Prateik too.

What’s more, the Babbar son even confessed in an interview, “Giving space to your partner is important, but I think every lover gets possessive, especially if he/she is truly in love.” Ahem ahem. So perhaps in the quest of declaring his true love for his lady Prateik got so possessive that he drove his ek-saal-ke girlfriend out of the relationship? Tch tch!

But birdies close to the couple chirp that the alleged break-up wasn’t ugly. In fact, they insist that Amy and Prateik are still friends. It’s just that they have decided to take a break from their happy coochie.

But as we wait to know whether Amy goes back into Prateik’s arms after the break, here’s a niggling question at the back of our minds: Is it necessary to be possessive in love? Tell us what you think, dear readers?