What do Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan have in common?

What do Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan have in common?
Yogen Shah

SRK and Salman might not share a great rapport with each other, but they do have some common qualities

As you will know, Salman Khan doesn’t think twice before giving precious gifts to his loved ones. Kareena Kapoor Khan, Katrina Kaif and many others have been the lucky ones to receive those lavish gifts from the Dabangg Khan.

Now we hear that even Shahrukh Khan, who happens to be the arch rival of Salman has gifted a Harley Davidson motorbike to his Happy New Year co-star – Abhishek Bachchan. And no points for guessing, the Dostana actor was quite elated after receiving the gift. And this move of SRK surely comes as a surprise to us. Why? Well, for those of you who don’t know, Shahrukh and Abhishek’s rapport went sour while they were shooting together for Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna in 2006. However, Karan Johar got them to patch up with each other at his birthday party in 2011. Given that SRK has gifted a bike to Abhishek, it seems that the two are back to being good friends.

Coming back to SRK-Salman, yes, the two surely do not share a friendly vibe anymore, but they do have some common qualities. What say BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • salman


    • harjeet

      Ur a mean person. All u think about is the wrong shahrukh has done. At least ge didn’t kill someone or punch one of the press.

  • Preety kaur

    nothing … srk don’t have golden heart like salman .. fact

  • vidiah

    That’s true only salman have golden heart that’s why we love salman a lot

    • Raja

      Shahrukh can buy awards desperately for getting his popularity quotient up while Salman does not do much because he says that his supporters are his best award. one more thing is that Salman is genuine while Shahrukh is not.

  • Sharazkie

    The reason behind the lack reconcile Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are many reasons, including its Indian public and Indian media either Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are also wonderful stars, each of which is characterized by Salman style in everything

  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    SRK and Salman has Bollywoodlife in common!! Hahaha! Iss Ki Jaagey Woh Paisay Gaaribon Mein Baad Detaa, Toh Ziyada Achcha
    Hota! Iss India Mein Naa, Kuch Log Kaa’ Kaa Kay Mar Rahay Hai, Aur Kuch
    Log Bina Kaa Ke!

  • Sharazkie

    Salman Khan is not the owner or owners of a golden heart Shah Rukh Khan is a kind-hearted and humane and wonderful all the words of an Indian audience is hatred and hatred for Shah rukh khan

  • Sharazkie

    The worst site Bollywood life and the Indian press and Indian news media that is causing the problems and lies about Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan if he had a good chance all of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan appeared a new page !!!!!!

  • Dale

    If Salman makes his charity contribution well known to public then SRK should be called as king of publicity. All that cheap drama right after entrance of the surrogate baby before the release of movie and then he being upset with the media as they shouldn’t leak his baby’s pictures without his consent and enjoying every bit of attention that he got.. Now that he raised enough curiosity in public, I guess sooner or later this businessman will enter into deal with a cheap magazine to get it published for a larger amount and then he will claim that media does not respect his privacy…lol..

    • Dale

      Oops..Forget to add *to get the baby’s pictures published*

  • aamir

    salman is the best he is the best human being in bollywood not fake like srk.

  • jolly joy

    SRK gives gift with purpose and SK gives gift with love

  • Manish Sharma

    First of all guys who have made comment below must be blind and
    deaf..because u know and we all know that Shah Rukh Khan might not be
    the most kind hearted man but i can assure u and we all know for sure
    that SRK is far more kind hearted than Sallu..While Sallu is showing the
    world that he’s being generous through his being human org(Crying out
    loud, i am helping people through Being human, “oh wat a baby”..), Shah
    Rukh already have donated twice more than Sallu but still Quiet..To
    become a gd human being doesn’t mean that u show people how much u have
    done for poors..instead of showing around “just do it” like SRK..u can
    just analyze by how many gals have already left Sallu, FYI one even
    lodged complain in police station for his rude behaveour unlike SRK
    since his college life he has been attached with only one and that is
    his wife Gauri Khan..so even the foolish can say that SRK is far more
    kind and gentle than Salman..Or may be u guys know this but still want
    to show that SRK is bad person..Guys lets not do this..even me i just
    wrote something not gd for Salman, who am i to judge this
    superstar???..i know i am wrong here but couldn’t keep quiet after going
    through your comments below..lets not count how much these guys have
    done for poor people..atleast they have done something for the needy
    ones..instead y not we ? ourselves how much we have done for those in
    need out there..lets make them as examples and lets start to encourage
    ourselves, others to help the poor ones..”Jai united world”(World
    without partiality and discrimination)..:):)

    • Guest

      charity showing is a good thing so that we can encourage more

    • Guest

      charity showing is a good thing so that we can encourage more

  • Rnoela Lorraine

    Isn’t it amazing how tempting it is to speculate about things when we don’t know the facts? We Humans just can’t seem to resist that temptation. What do you suppose prompts us to do that? When we cast stones at somebody, what is it that makes us turn a blind-eye to our own faults and our own wrong-doing? What is the real motive behind it when we use a public platform to blurt out all the hatred and rumors we absorb about someone or some place or some thing? Why do we neglect to consider THAT when we are in attack mode? Actually, figuratively speaking, that door swings both ways. What prompts us to so eagerly praise people we don’t personally know and cannot truly be sure that what we are told about them and what we see of them in the public eye is the whole truth and not shadowing the shades of gray? Emotions are tricky little movers within our compositions. They are extremely powerful influencing tools. Ignorance plays a strong supporting role with those emotional motivators, too. What we don’t know can mess with what we do know to the extent that it warps our common sense’s ability to keep us balanced. So, are we really in control when we commit to an emotion such as love, hate, jealousy, adoration, etc.? Or are those emotions and lack of sufficient knowledge misleading and confusing our understanding, prompting us to act according to our misconceptions? Well, I was just wondering. Anyway, thanks for the article and the photos. I enjoy the films and many activities of both of these gentlemen (Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan) and I like to focus on all of the good things that appeal to me about each of them. That’s more enjoyable and uplifting for me. Peace and good wishes to all. Lorraine.

  • harjeet

    I think shahrukh sir did a bit of wrong and so did Salman. I bet they ll be hugging soon. By the way shahrukh khan gives gifts from the heart not a publicity stunt

  • harjeet

    Everyone s wrong about shahrukh khan. He s a caring person and has commonalities with Salman. Stop saying rude stuff about him.

  • harjeet

    You guys are idiots coz all u do is make good people look bach. Shahrukh is the reason Bollywood is Bollywood. He s king khan.