What does 2014 have in store for Ajay Devgn?

The actor, producer, husband, father, son – multitasking is expected from all of us today, and Ajay Devgn manages to do this quite well. Will he continue to succeed or will his upcoming films trouble him? Does 2014 treat him kindly or will he have to face some tough hurdles? Tarot looks into his life this week…

With multiple movies in the pipeline, Ajay Devgn is a busy person. Action Jackson and Singham 2 are being represented by a mixture of positive and negative cards. The Magician and the Strength card show command and confident execution of both films, whereas the Four of Swords and the Ten of Wands also represent pressure from high expectations. It’s as if there is a set magical formula of success which is always expected to work out, but yet anxiety seeps in – it’s this anxiety that may even trouble his health and mental stamina in 2014. Both movies will eventually do well but the journey will fluctuate his confidence. On the other hand, movies like Gangajal 2 and Golmaal 4 will be an easier ride, in fact the Empress shows them off to be obvious box office winners. Yes, there is still some work ahead on them and some risks yet to be taken (with their content), but they will bring results.

As a producer, Ajay will have to face delays. This will be down to poor communication and lack of coordination within his team. It’s in this phase that he will look to promote new directors and actors. While he waits for his bigger films to shape, he will be willing to take risks on smaller budgeted projects.

On a general note, tarot advises Ajay to listen to his feelings more. The Sun and the High Priestess show this instinctiveness bringing in the right blend of success – he just needs to be more confident with following it. This isn’t just limited to his work, but also his personal life. By doing things because they just feel right will be the way to go – it will keep the family happy and an element of fun will be introduced to the daily grind. Maintaining family ties and staying connected to Kajol will be important, hence moods will need to controlled and gestures of love will help him through a tough 2014. Ajay’s family will have to be prepared for some major changes, possibly in residence or even his usual working routine.

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