What does Bipasha Basu fear the most?

Bipasha Basu is not scared of cat fights or breakups. Not even about movies failing at the box office. Then what is she scared of?

Bipasha Basu, who is currently shooting for a horror movie, Raaz 3, recently made a candid confession. The actor admitted that she is totally scared of ghost and fears that spirits could track her down even in Mumbai. “I feel it doesn’t matter for a ghost whether it’s Mumbai, Miami or some remote village,” she says. The actor also accepted her fear of horror flicks and the dark.

“I am a big phattu (coward). I am extremely afraid to watch horror films alone. I can’t even sleep in the dark. While shooting for Raaz, I used to live in fear even though there would be many people around during the shoots. But I feel more than shooting for a horror film, watching it alone is a way more tough for me. I am so scared of the idea of ghosts and spirits that even loud noises scare me easily,” she confessed to a daily. So will Bips manage to watch Raaz 3 once its complete? We have our doubts. All we can say is ‘boo!’