What does Deepika Padukone have that Anushka Sharma doesn’t?

What does Deepika Padukone have that Anushka Sharma doesn't?
Yogen Shah

When it comes to acting and good looks, wethinks Dippy and Anushka are on par. Then why are we wondering about the two lovely ladies? Well, it’s because of what Ranveer said in a recent interview….

Ranveer Singh made his Bollywood debut with Band Baaja Baaraat, which also starred the beautiful Anushka Sharma. The movie went on to become a blockbuster courtesy Singh and Ms Sharma’s sizzling onscreen chemistry. The two worked together again in Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl and though the film did average business at the box office, their chemistry was still the same. In both films Anushka looked gorgeous onscreen, hai na? But it seems Ranveer doesn’t quite agree with that opinion. As far as the Ram-Leela actor is concerned, his onscreen Leela Deepika Padukone has the most powerful screen presence he has ever experienced. And yes, he said so.

Humari Deepikaji ko dekh lo, kya physical appearance hai. Jab aati hain screen pe, aur kuch dikhta hi nahi hai. To get attention in the frame, I had to take off my shirt, put in all this energy, change my look, but I used to tell her when we watched the scenes on the monitor that she is so visually stunning that the eye keeps going only to her. I can keep doing whatever hell I want, but when I watch it, I don’t look at myself, I only look at her,” said Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram in an interview. Considering the punch of the songs and the trailer of Ram-Leela, we have to absolutely agree with the flamboyant actor. But then where does old ‘good friend’ Anushka fit in? Well, it was what Ranveer said next that got us wondering what Dippy has that Ansuhka doesn’t.

“In the past, I would only watch myself. It’s the first time that I can’t help but watch her,” RS said with his usual enthusiasm. Does this mean that DP is the most stunning female actor he has ever worked with? Ranveer, remember you said you were awestruck by the beauty of your Band Baaja Baaraat co-star just a few years ago? Or does the whole showering-praise thing happens every time you fall in love – and with your current co-star, of course? Didn’t you say something similar about Sonakshi Sinha during the Lootera promotions?

Whatever, wherever, however and why-ever, in our collective and well-considered opinion, there is nothing that Deepika has that Anushka doesn’t…except for Ranveer, of course!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Riya

    Bleh….the two cant be compared. What a dumb article….deepika is GORGEOUS…. Anushka is pretty at best. Plus Anushka got those surgeries done on her face….which makes her look uh well. Deepika scores on the looks dept way too high to compare her with Anushka.

    • Meh

      So naive you are if you think Deepika did not have surgeries done on her!! go check her nose! compare her pictures from way before when she was a bikini model! the only good thing she did was that she had her surgery done way before she became famous! so nobody bashed her for it!!

  • priya

    Deepika has much better and gorgeous face in comparison to Anushka,now after her surgery Anushka looks little bit ugly.

  • TITO

    well, i disagree; Deepika has everything that Anushka doesn’t. a true indian beauty that she proved when she was casted in Ram leela. not to mention her outstanding body that fews actresses have and of course talent. to prove that, just consider her recent success; back to back blockbusters. so BO.L get a life. even Bebo can’t come near Deepika nowadays.

  • Bollyfan

    Thank you for writing this article!! its true he only praises his current co star and he seems to always be in love with his current co stars. I think its more to do with selling the chemistry for their film.

    Thank you for this article again! there is indeed NOTHING that Deepika has and Anushka doesnt. She is as talented and hardworking and maybe even more!!

    • ralph

      you are the same as the writter arent you? Trying to get validation..

      But anyway i think you are totally blind.. you dond see that anushka’s face resembles a monkey now especially after the surgery..

      And also, she doesnt have a butt ..

  • Rekha

    LOL…….There is no comparison between Dips and Anushka. Deepika is soooo damn hot and talented. She looks way better than Anushka. Anushka has a very chinki face plus very lean. No sex appeal. However she acts well. But DEEPIKA ROCKS !!!!!!

  • Sush

    Anushka has wrecked her face unnecessarily. She doesn’t even look like the same person from BBB. As for the two them, that’s like comparing Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie! One is a pretty but homely, girl next-door-type, the other is a other-wordly, effortlessly sexy and gorgeous goddess. No contest.

    • Ralph

      True.. she looks like a monkey now

  • ali

    I completely agree. Deepika is ravishingly stunning. She is an outstanding performer. Anushka is also superb actress but deepika is magical when it comes to onscreen performances.

  • James

    Funny how all comments below “praising’ Deepika are women! why is it hard to accept that anushka is talented? all u guys care about are LOOKs! if Deepika was casted in Ram leela, Anushka has been casted in Bombay Velvet and PK opposite Aamir!!

  • alina

    deepika is far better than anushka sharma .

  • pooja

    I don’t think so because I saw her childhood photo and she looks same as she is now,and Deepika is natural beauty not like others who ruin their face by surgery,and Anushka looks much better before,now she looks ugly.

  • Pinky

    of course thats true…Deepika has stunning screen presence than ANushka..Anushka has to perform to capture the screen..For Deepika half battle already conquered due to her artisitic beauty.

  • nora

    just anushka the best in boolywood

  • imran

    1 anushka
    2 priyanka
    3 kareena
    3 katrina
    4 deepika

  • tanishka

    I like deepika as she is really pretty n good in acting but anushka has her own beauty she is just beautiful at her heart . Deepika acts the way she Has been told but anushka acts truly , she really falls into the character given. Soooo, this mks her different from deepika.anushka ur really nice n lovely.

  • aliya

    ofcrx deepika is a breathtaking actress and anushka is also great actor but deepika comes first