What does Emraan Hashmi love more than awards?

A fat paycheque! Riding high on the success of Murder 2 and The Dirty Picture, Emraan Hashmi has decided to demand one from awards organisers

Emraan Hashmi has had enough. The actor has decided he will not attend award functions as just an audience member. Organisers have started approaching Emraan to attend various award shows and annual functions but Emraan is clear about what he wants. He will be a part of the function only if he is getting paid to perform. He feels it’s high time for him to be recognised as the people’s champion than the darling of award ceremonies. “For me, money is more tangible than accolades. So, if someone is giving me money to perform, I will happily do it.” said the 32 year-old an interview to a daily. Wethinks Emraan has definitely carved a space for himself in B-town with his own brand of films and his unique serial-kisser identity. But it’s not yet time for Emraan to start calling the shots, especially when he has two left feet. When was the last time you saw him dance? Instead, if he sticks to what he’s been doing so far – just attend award ceremonies and hand over a trophy or two – he can stay in the limelight without much effort. Don’t you agree?