What does Kareena Kapoor dislike about her Saifu?

Bebo has never been this calm and the one person she gives credit to for bringing about this transformation is none other than her present beau, Saif Ali Khan. But it’s not all hunky dory in Saifeena land….

They look joined at the hip, bonded for life…we could burble on about the lovey-dovey vibes shared by Kareena Kapoor and beloved Saif Ali Khan. But it is not always happy in the Saifeena camp. The two do go through their share of regular problems and while Bebo doesn’t hesitate in praising her partner, she’s also pretty vocal about the Nawab’s incorrigible habits. She recently confessed in an interview that if given the chance to change just one thing about Saif, she would want to do something about his sleeping habits. Now that leaves us extremely confused. Is she exhausted dealing with Khan’s way of keeping her awake, or is it that she can’t take his snoring any more? Well, we are trying really hard to interpret the real meaning of ‘sleeping habits’ here. Maybe Bebo can get into the details when she appears next time in front of the media. We think the best time for that would be during the release of Agent Vinod. The couple will for sure be all out promoting their new film and playing frivolous promotional games. Perhaps that would be the best moment for Kareena to bombard Saifu with her slings and arrows, what say?