What does Mohit Sehgal think about girlfriend Sanaya Irani’s chemistry with Ashish Sharma?

What does Mohit Sehgal think about girlfriend Sanaya Irani’s chemistry with Ashish Sharma?

The sizzling chemistry between the Rangrasiya co-stars is making headlines. What does Mohit have to say? Read on to know more…

Sanaya Irani who is playing Paro in Rangrasiya has been seen sharing some rather intimate moments with her onscreen lover Ashish Sharma who plays Rudra in the same. While the duo has made quite a many heads turn with their romance, Sanaya Irani’s real life boyfriend Mohit Sehgal remains unaffected by it all.

In a statement to a popular daily he said “It is not something new. Even in her earlier shows, her romance with her on-screen boyfriend or husband kept the TRPs going, so why not? We are professionals and her pairing with Ashish does not make me insecure. In fact, I am thinking when I will get to romance her like this.”

Sanaya and Mohit were seen working together in Miley Jab Hum Tum and fell in love on the sets. Well looks like Mohit is alright with everything and we won’t be seeing him fighting Ashish over Sanaya after all!

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  • Nihaarika

    OMG and y will mohit feel insecured….his relationship with Sanaya was on the rocks from a long time…when Barun sobti stepped into the picture…though thats a differnt thing that mohit was every insecured with Barun n Sanaya intimate n passionate OFF-SCREEN chemistery…as Sanaya shifted in Barun’s building DURING IPKKND.

    I think Mohit should try seeking work on his own and NOT by making such publicity stunts by taking n chanting Sanaya’s name for limelight n attention…giving IV’S with Sanaya n making people remind that my galfriend is a TELEVISON QUEEN, so u cannot ignore me also and LASTLY taking help from Sanaya by requesting her to request Directors of shown to give him roles..like Sanaya requested Gul Khan to give Mohit a side role in Qubool Hain….So we guess its just pure friendship… where Sanay is helping him to get work so that he stops bugging her.

  • arya

    Does this guy ever work? I understand it is not always posiible to be emplyoed in television and it will depend on if someone wants you .But does he do anything to earn a living ? He is irritating and these silly interviews dont help her

    • Meenal

      100% Agreed wid You…..Mohit is jobless form 3 years….he got a role in Khamooshiya n was kicked out of it…then he got this “Small side role” of Haider courtesy Sanaya ….he only gets a chance to give Interviews as He is the Acts as a Boyfriend of Sanaya Irani…And in the hope that may be he can get work as if he chants Sanaya’s name repeatedly…as she is the Ruling queen of Television….He tries to act as if he loves her…But we can all guess How much Sanaya is uncomfortable with him as a galfrnd n acts more of his friend in the media…

  • Tina

    This is exactly what it is a ‘gossip’. People, why this topic even should be discussed? Don’t you have anything else to do than to dig into actors personal lives? Yes, they are professional people, they know what to expect from romantic script, and if there was anything uncomfortable they would not approach the role. Question itself is not polite. It shouldn’t be asked. Because Sanaya doesn’t have chemistry with Ashish, rather Rudra has chemistry with Parvati. This is the right way to put it. Please, straighten up your little brains and educate yourselves. Do not waist your lives.