What does Shahrukh Khan and son AbRam’s future hold?

Our Tarot reader reveals how SRK’s film Chennai Express will do at the box office and what his equation with co-star Deepika Padukone will be. Also read about SRK’s newborn son AbRam

There is a mixed bag of news surrounding Shahrukh Khan these days – from the Eid release of Chennai Express to the rumours regarding his surrogate baby AbRam cropping up. How will both these aspects affect his life in the coming weeks? Our Tarot reading reveals all… Also get to know what he really thinks of his Chennai Express effort and his working equation with Deepika Padukone.

BollywoodLife (BL): Shahrukh has done numerous films touching various genres over the last two decades. Will Chennai Express maintain the command he has over his career? Or will his fans be disappointed as they were after his RA.One attempt?

Shruti Chopra (SC): The cards certainly indicate Shahrukh stepping out of his comfort zone into a Rohit Shetty film category – this discomfort will be apparent and with the Seven of Cups appearing. It may even seem that Shahrukh feels quite challenged in this genre, yet has worked tremendously hard to justify it. Shahrukh’s ability to manipulate the audiences’ emotions will turn out to be a plus. The Queen of Pentacles and the Ace of Cups encourage one to believe that Shahrukh will do more films with Rohit simply because of the adulation and success the film will receive. The initial discomfort will turn into ease allowing Shahrukh to experiment within this category.

BL: Great! So Shahrukh will be seen in more Rohit Shetty films, but will he work with Deepika Padukone again? In interviews Shahrukh is all praise for Deepika, but is his admiration for her genuine?

SC: It is interesting that you ask such a question because during Om Shanti Om, Shahrukh did have some belief in Deepika’s ability but seemed disappointed by her limitations. But now, with the World card being drawn it is certain that Shahrukh is impressed by Deepika’s effort and transformation. Their pairing in Chennai Express will be appreciated and the honesty in their chemistry will be liked too, hence they will do more films together – probably more experimental ones, but also movie that will bring in the box office moolah.

BL: Work is looking good, but Shahrukh and his wife Gauri going through surrogacy has been quite a discussed topic recently. What do the cards have to say about their newborn son AbRam?

SC: During the decision-making process, there was certain conflict, but as the Queen of Wands and the High Priestess suggest, the dominant thought was to always proceed with surrogacy, as the pros outweighed the cons. Although the cards are not suggesting this to have been a bad idea, since it will not harm the sensibilities of the family, but it could be a cause of some emotional disturbances in the times to come.

BL: How will the new Khan kid be?

SC: It is quite early to comment on AbRam, but the Seven of Wands represents dominance and tremendous hyperactivity, with bouts of moodiness. This is where better discipline will help. The initial four years will be tough because of the emotional disturbances explained earlier, but from age 14 onwards, the command and confidence AbRam will have will bring with it rewards and accolades the family will be proud of.

BL: Are there any further tips for Shahrukh?

SC: Health needs to be given far more priority – simple things needs to be taken care of, such as stretching out properly because Shahrukh’s central nervous system is appearing to be weaker than before.

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