What dream did Yash Chopra dream?

Director-producer Yash Chopra’s mushy, beautiful romantic flicks gave us equally sweet romantic numbers. So magical are the lyrics of these opulent-looking songs that their essence doesn’t get lost in translation

We selected the top three tracks from the king of romance’s much appreciated films and translated them into English. The result of our curious attempt had fascinating results. These charming songs and their English translations made us realise why these numbers are cherished as the most evergreen chartbusters of all time.Take a look!

Dekha ek khwaab ( Silsila 1981)

Dekha ek khwaab to yeh silsile hue

Door tak nigahon mein hain gul khile hue

Yeh gila hai aapki nigahon se

Phool bhi ho darmiyaan to faasle hue


When I saw a dream that’s when this chain of events unfolded

I see flower bloom as far as my eyes can see

That’s the error on the part of your vision

Even if there are flower blooming between you and me, you sense it as a never ending space


Tere mere hothhon pe (Chandni 1989)

Tere mere hothhon pe, meethhe meethhe geet mitawaa

Aage aage chale hum peechhe peechhe preet mitawaa

Pahale pahale pyaar kee pahalee raat yaad rahegee

Fulon se is shahar kee mulaakaat yaad rahegee

kaash yahee saaree umar, yoo hee jaaye beet mitawaa

aage aage chale hum peechhe peechhe pareet mitawaa


Sweet songs of love on our lips

We walk ahead and right behind us follows our love

The first night of the first love will be remembered forever

This visit to the city will be remembered by the flowers we have here

I wish this entire life is spent just like this, my love

We walk ahead and right behind us follows our love


Le gayi le gayi (Dil To Pagal Hai 1997)

Mujhko hui na khabar

Chori chori chup chup kar

Kab pyaar ki pehli nazar haai

Le gayi le gayi

Dil le gayi

Le gayi le gayi

Dil le gayi le gayi


I could not sense it coming

It came along playing hide-and-seek

I could not sense when the love’s first sight,

Took away my heart!