What happened during Hrithik Roshan’s brain surgery?

Believe it or not, the Krrish 3 superhero made the surgeons sing songs while they were drilling a hole into his skull!

Hrithik Roshan, who recently underwent brain surgery at Mumbai’s Hinduja Hospital after he was diagnosed with chronic subdural haematoma, is in recovery mode. The 38-year-old star has been advised four weeks rest and is doing fine. The Roshan lad recounted his experience of the surgery and maintains that he was absolutely fearless before the operation. “First of all, all fear is 99 percent assumption-based. In fact, almost ALL worries in life would disappear if we just stop assuming things. I just don’t allow my mind to assume a different truth behind the obvious. Like in relationships…I really love asking people which school they went to, to learn how to mind read others! They claim to know not only what’s actually behind what others say, but even the tone behind the words of an sms!” reasoned the star on a philosophical note.

We wonder how the Greek God of Bollywood dealt with the pain and trauma. “Once the doctors said local anesthesia is safer except for the pain, I quickly made my peace with the pain, took the better option and looked forward to a mind blowing (literally) experience! Ha ha! How could I have any fear then? I was with the best doctors and was armed with objective information. I was making them sing songs while a hole was being drilled into my skull. Why worry until something DOES go wrong?” said the star with the positivity only a superhero of his stature could display.

Hrithik also promises that he will swing back to action real soon. “Yes, I can’t afford to take sick leave. This of course throws a lot of lives, lives of people very dear to me completely out of whack. But I cannot worry – that solves nothing. I have to focus on what can be! All I have to do is take a decision…I decide that I have the power to turn a curse into a boon, as I have done in the past. I will make up for this in the most wonderful way imaginable for all the people concerned,” he insisted.

We at BollywoodLife wish the braveheart a speedy recovery and all the luck in the world for his new movie Krrish 3!