What happened when Alok Nath met the man behind Babuji jokes?

The veteran actor claims that you cannot easily put a finger as to how and when these things start, but he now has an idea

When asked about the famous Babuji jokes on social media, Alok Nath said, “The jokes started sometime in January. Initially it was on the term sanskaar, and then people started talking about my films. The rest like they say is history.” So when we asked if he ever found out who started the Babuji jokes he said, “I was shooting for a channel and in my makeup room; the makers dragged a boy into my room and asked me to guess who he was. I had no clue since it was my first interaction with that particular channel. They brought before me the man who started the Babuji jokes – Vincent Pereira. The poor guy was so tensed.”

So what did you do? “I took my shoes and aimed it at him, and he hid in fear. I then got up and gave him a tight hug and said Thank You.” Alok Nath took selfies with him and thanked Vincent for unintentionally boosting his career and popularity. We agree!

Well looks like the mystery is over. Right, BollywoodLifers?