What happened when Ranveer Singh suffered wardrobe malfunction?

Bollywood starlets suffering wardrobe malfunction isn’t new. But we hear Ram-Leela actor found himself in an awkward situation when his dhoti gave him a royal dhoka. Read on to find what actually happened….

Remember Ranbir Kapoor dropped his towel in his very first film Saawariya? Fortunately that was scripted. But what happened with Ranveer Singh on the sets of Ram-Leela was neither scripted not needed.

While shooting for a particular scene, director Sanjay Leela Bhansali apparently wanted his actor to look smoking hot and seductive hence made him wear his dhoti really low. But what followed left everyone stunned. Reportedly, Ranveer’s dhoti came undone and went down all the way till his feet, leaving him embarrassed. After his ‘Full Monty’ incident, we heard the crew members of his film kept teasing him the whole day and even gifted him a pair of colourful undies.

Ranveer is currently in hospital recovering from Dengue. We wish the actor a speedy recovery!