What happened when Shahrukh Khan stepped into Salman Khan’s shoes?

Thu, May 22, 2014 1:36pm IST by
What happened when Shahrukh Khan stepped into Salman Khan’s shoes?
Yogen Shah

Just when we thought that the war between two Khans has died down, here comes the latest news on SRK-Sallu…

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan have been in a one-upmanship game for long now, be it at the box office or otherwise. The warring Khans off-late seemed to have let go off their dushmani and were even spotted exchanging warm bear hugs. But, there’s more here than meets the eye.

If Karan Johar picked the Jai Ho actor over best buddy for his much-delayed film Shuddhi, SRK too stepped into Salman’s shoes for an endorsement deal. We hear that Sallu was the first choice as the face of a pan masala brand that finally went to the Happy New Year actor. A little birdie chirps that Shahrukh wasn’t very certain about the product. As soon as he learnt that Sallu miyaan was also being considered he was suddenly keen to take it up, but not without upping his remuneration. So SRK got a hefty deal of rupees 20 crore to step in for SK.

We wonder if Salman too demanded a similar treatment from KJo for taking up a film that was offered to everyone from Hrithik Roshan, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh to Shahrukh. Well, looks like the Khan war is after all turning out to be an expensive affair for everybody around them, right BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • dhawan

    Srk gets what he wants or likes …its a stupid news that he hiked price double than SK and agreed ….for SK he isn’t srk so he has to be content with what he has …it may b a left over movie with Karen johar …whose identity itself has a lot to do with srk ….

    • akshay

      whus tkng abt lftovr.. isnt srk’ s carrier made on dem… n dude srk’s carrier hs a lot to do vd kjo.. u said it odrwise. lol..,evn nw srk got wt sk rjctd. buhahahaha….

      sk wud nvr evr endors pan msala.. srk is d prfct chois.cz. all he cares abt is mny…

      • Shankar Korani

        Absolutely ur right dude, SK never endorse such kind of cheap ads panmasala which is not good for health that’s y he has great & fit body. Bhai always there for the people who are in need or helpless. There can be many stars in the world but finally there will be only one megastar Salman khan…..!

  • John Das

    Salman khan is the king! Srk has no principles he Will do anything for money. While SK isn’t even competing with anyone he is infact helping everyone he can. Even if they are his competitors.

  • Shez Khan

    KING KHAN slaps Lallu mia again!

  • Shankar Korani

    As per Forbes magazine Srk is the 2nd richest person among the Hollywood & Bollywood and SK was not even at top 20. But Salman khan helped the needy as no actor has done so far. Salmanvcan also save money like SRK and get pictured on magazine covers but he isot like that. the always wants to live like a common man

  • Shankar Korani

    Salman has golden heart and lives on people heart because he is the people’s man. Salman jai ho…jai. jai…jai…ho