What has Vivek done now?

Somewhere along the timeline, the actors ‘bad’ image has been coloured good. But how did he do it?

Usually the smile we always sport disappears when we start talking about Vivek Oberoi. But this time the actor’s name has been associated with something that will make us overlook his incorrigible habits, attending parties without invitation being one of them. His name has appeared in the ‘Heroes of Philanthropy’ list announced by Forbes Asia recently. Appearing along with names like Azim Premji, the actor has created a space for himself as one of the top 48 philanthropists. He has apparently helped raise $25 million to support education, health and disaster relief, till now. And while he has been doing his good work, he has been mending fences as well, wethinks. Vivek will be seen opposite once-upon-a-time foe Sanjay Dutt in Zilla Ghaziabad.They both seemed to have buried their vicious hatchets – and not in each others’ backs – and moved on to a sweet saccharine phase. Well, there’s good news galore for the once upon a time jinxed actor. Foes turning friends, names appearing on fancy lists,new films…Vivek would probably be one of those men who will think twice before whining about his married life, as this union has surely bought this foolhardy guy (as people rightly call him) a great amount of luck.