What if Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had done Vidya Balan’s role in ‘Parineeta’?

What if Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had done Vidya Balan’s role in ‘Parineeta’?

We think the period romance would have been superficial and pretentious, just like the public image of the former beauty queen herself

At the recent week-long screening of films he has produced and directed Vidhu Vinod Chopra revealed to a room full of the media that the first face that popped into his head when he read the script of Parineeta was Aishwarya Rai Bachchan‘s. But Pradeep Sarkar, the ad filmmaker who was turning feature director with the project, was stuck like a broken record insisting that he would only cast the then far-less-curvy Vidya Balan in the title role. So Chopra was left with no choice but to meet the Sarkar’s demand for the perfect actor as Lolita. Everyone knows what happened next; but what may not be too well known is that the experienced filmmaker made the aspiring actor go through 60 look tests before he was convinced that she could have two men falling for her.

With a gorgeous face like Ash’s it wouldn’t be tough for anyone to believe in her as Lolita, the girl who had two handsome men vying for her affections. But the beauty queen’s limited acting skills wouldn’t bring out the softness, the sensuality and the sentiments of the character, like Vidya did. The natural beauty is an exemplar of beauty of the bygone era, when women wooed with their eyes and expressions and not skin show and size zero figures. So we think the Balan babe was the perfect choice for the love drama set in the ’60s.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Vimala

    Ash would have been a better choice. She did many period romances like Devdas. Jodhaa Akbar. Chokher Bali etc and performed excellently in all of them.

    • sharda

      Aishwarya is only a good model whose face sells, but acting wise she is average, Vidya is a great actress.

      • Laila

        oh please…. did you people even watch Devdas peoperly?? It was the best movie she acted in. Aish put meaning and soul into the dialouges and she used the most amazing expressions to show how she felt.. i haven’t watched all her movies, only Jodha Akbar, Action Replayy, Hum dil de Chuke Sanam (which i think she did a great job in), aur pyar ho gaya and dil ka rishta… just because some people believed she looks “wooden” dosen’t mean she would act the same way in her other movies… you need to watch her properly and seriously in devdas aish acted very well, why do you think she won a filmfare for?? apart from being beautiful she brought out the character of Paro completely, how she felt,etc etc…. anyway devdas was a success becasue it combines all 3 of Bollywoods top actor and actresses together in 1 movie, plus it was the most expensive film made for a long time.. It wasn’t just because of Madhuri Dixit, she only had a supporting role

  • Abhi

    What nonsense is this?Aishwarya has done far more challenging roles and performed them with absolute perfection.ASH is one of most expressive actresses,n one of the best actresses in the country.She has loads n loads of awards n accolades for her many wonderful performances.Yes,she is the most beautiful woman,and also one of the best actresses in the country.AWFUL AND PRETENTIOUS ARTICLE!

    • BA

      Are you blind?

    • Priya

      Im sorry, but serioussly??

  • naaz

    what a rubbish article.. aishwarya is no less than vidya on the acting front.. and she does not need any skin show to woo men.. coz she is blessed with a beautiful face and lovely eyes.

  • Aashna

    I agree with the comments.Rubbish n pretentious article.ASH is a much better n very much more versatile actress.Aishwarya has given so many fantastic performances(n so many awards)which are the best in Indian cinema.If Ash has limited skills then even Meryl Streep or Amitabh bachchan have limited skills.This is pathetic!How can somebody say that about an actress of Ash’s calibre.I condemn this article,they must DELETE THIS ARTICLE.

  • alexandra

    You guys are funny am not an Indian but a white female American I am one of the rare white women that has genuine and real interest in Hindi movies after that then you have Tamil,Tamil,Kannada and other regional films which are all inspiring and mind blowing.

    How can you compare Vidya Balan to Aishwarya, Vidya is deep,sensous, vunerable and an epitome of a true Indian woman with deep deep talent. Take Pareenita, then Paa and No one killed Jessica, Vidya is an actress while Aish is a movie star.

    Compare Rekha’s and Aishwarya’s Umrao Jaan, my God why did J. P Dutta cast Aish, she cannot act, I can’t even compare her to Kajol,Rani, even Kangana has more depth, Aish to me is just lucky but the truth is that she is a very dull person. Her interviews are too coded, too scripted she is always in control of her faculties she is so gaurded in real life that it saps her of sponataneity in films.

    I can’t imagine Aish acting Parineeta she is just plain, bland and dull.

    I am so happy that the crop of all those beauty queen of the 90′s and 2000′s are gradually phasing out and real actresses are taking back the craft.Kangana,Vidya and a few of them but please Katrina, Deepika and a whole lot of these so called models and beauty queens should please disappear.

    • lucky

      So true

    • Priya

      You read my mind. Aishwaria is GORGEOUS not doubt, but as a package, shes no comparison to Vidya. I think Katrina and Deepika add a little bit of meaningless glamour though haha. But Vidya is definitely the future of Bollywood, I hope so, otherwise we would forever be stuck in mediocrity, entertainment wise.

  • PUJA

    Gosh!Just look how much ppl envy Ash and just can’t let their envy go.And even state some fake identities n if not,who cares?.THIS IS THE MOST STUPID ARTICLE I EVER SAW.I don’t care about this atrociously bad film,Aishwarya has been part of and has given some absolutely wonderful performances in Hddcs,devdas,chokher bali,raincoat n so many others.She has won the actress of the decade at many award shows,which is enough to prove she is the best of decade.The comment below is obviously a hater,n envies Ash to death.JEALOUS!Agree with all other truthful comments.

  • Pooja

    I feel the same person is commenting under different ids and saying aishwarya is a good actress. Either its a plain case of hero worship or the person’s screws are loose. To compare aishwarya to meryl streep is like comparing shabana azmi with celina jaitley. Aishwarya looks good but is nowhere even near the calibre of all these legends that you are talking about.

  • Kayla

    I so agree. Aishwarya Rai’s acting is so wooden. She is very beautiful and a good dancer, but her acting skills are abysmal. She has yet to provide a hit movie due to her calibre or acting. All she can do is stand there and act pretty and demure. The moment she starts to deliver lines in a movie, all illusions are shattered. In Jodhaa Akbar, she was praised because all she had to do was be poised and pretty – that wasn’t acting, that’s just being herself. The movie was a hit Because of Hrithik Roshan. Devdas’ success was because of Madhuri Dixit. I have to agree with Pooja and Alexandra here – Ash’s acting is a joke and pretentious. She is a gorgeous babe but she is better suited as a beauty queen than an actress. She has never won a single Best Actress award in any language and that’s because she CAN’T act. She showed alot of promise in her initial years but afterwards stardom got into her head. Her Actress of the decade award was a pity-award for not winning a single award even after a decade! Thank God we don’t have to watch any of her movies anymore – will miss her dancing though!

    • hiihi

      I am agree with Kayal. Ash is a butiful face with no acting talent. she became famouse because she used salman khan and vivake. Ash is fake and nothing is real about her. Vidia is 200% better then as and you dare to comaper an a talented actress like vidia to a fake Ash. such a shame. Vidia has made her own personality in bollywood with out using any man and making any lie about any acto in bollywood. No onw can act like vidia. ash need will never reach her foot steps even in her second life.

    • sk

      uh.. . not an aishwarya fan but she did win atleast one Filmfare best actress award -for devdas. . .in 2002. . .

    • Priya

      Could not agree with you more!! Vidya has delivered hits single-handedly, she has a long way to go I admit, but shes soaring on the right path.

  • Amy

    “We think the period romance would have been superficial and pretentious, just like the public image of the former beauty queen herself”

    –Who is “we”? Speaking of ourselves in the 3rd person are “we”? Talk about pretentious – yet another wannabe using Ash’s name to get attention.

    • MK

      “We” is not 3rd person. It is 1st person plural. In articles or messages like these, ‘we’ is used to express the opinion of the institution/organization or magazine as a whole. It’s basic English rules and not a sign of pretentious.

  • Amy

    Oh my comment got deleted!

    Tip, don’t ask the opinions of the public if you’re only going to delete the comments that don’t agree with yours.

  • Puja


    • sudha

      exactly my words …
      Ash is the best

  • sabah

    thanks god she didn’t act in the film where the saif opposite to her who hasn’t match with her beauty…

  • ritu

    We had enough of aishwarya rai. she has her own films. We also need fresh faces like vidya with beauty and talent to come in films. Ash is good, but boring as theres too much of her in movies and everywhere.

  • Lalita

    Aishwarya is a good actress but in my opinion Vidya was better choice for Parineeta. At the same time, I can’t imagine watching Vidya in Jodha Akbar or Dhoom 2. Each of them have their own talents which is why they have ruled silver screens for a long time without any godfather in the industry.

    P.S. This article seems like a malicious agenda driven one against Aishwarya. Not her fan… but it is just too obvious in the tone of the authoress.

  • Camilla

    To those who worship Aishwarya and would say anything pointless to prove her as the Goddess of acting,read DEVDAS properly first. First of all,It didn’t even show what the novel has inside. secondly, to understand what acting and versatility really is,try increasing the limit of boundaries. apart from bollywood,try watching movies from other countries as well (and I don’t mean stick yourself to hollywood). I’m neither Vidya’s fan,nor Aishwarya’s fan,but its not hard to understand who can actually act and who has limited capabilities.
    Some are so sure that NOT praising Aishwarya would make the rest of all jealous. Like seriously? Is this the maturity level with which you guys judge anything? If this is the highest level of maturity anyone has,then its baseless to argue over acting or anything serious!

    • Sushma

      So one can judge her acting in Devdas ONLY after one has read the book? LOL how can someone be so dumb. The movie was the director’s interpretation of the saga. There have been a lot of movie adaptations of the novel and each of them have been changed slightly to adapt to the creativity of the director.

      I’m neither a Vidya fan nor an Aishwarya fan. None of them are neither Meryl Streep nor are they horrible at what they do. They are just decent actresses in my opinion who have their own share of cringeworthy performances and great ones as well. It’s just that their colleagues like Katrina,Kareena,Deepika,Sonam etc are such pathetic actors that Aishwarya and Vidya’s work just seem brilliant by default. When actually, they are just average when compared to stalwarts of acting like Meryl Streep.

    • Sanjana :]

      If this is basless than why are you bothering aruging? I truly believe that Aish is a great actress and her being an actress does not account on the novel of Devdas itself, only her actual acting ability in expressing the dialouge, expressions,etc etc. even if you did try and increase your experience of other film industries you will just end up in the same problem,and what does it matter if you praise Aish or not?? its your own opnion that counts…

  • Anna

    First, I’m from the USA and have followed Aishwarya’s career for over a decade when Devdas came out. Her career transcends all boundaries and cultures. Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to tell who the Vidyas, Ranis, Kareenas, and so on were if it wasn’t for Aishwarya. I’ve seen some of their acting efforts as well but I like Aishwarya’s abilities mostly because she illuminates the screen and gives her all as an artist to each character whether it be a lovelorn daughter, a gangster, a single mother, or a courtesan. She shines out all the competition considerably.

    Also, why write-off her career simply because she’s had a baby? It certainly hasn’t stopped Miranda Kerr, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Cate Blanchett, or Angelina Jolie, has it? Aishwarya never has let the media bully her into doing anything. She always does everything in her own terms. Even if Bollywood closed their doors to her, Hollywood is constantly waiting to bank in on her. So, for all those Vidyas coming out of the woodwork, they’re only the replacements; Aishwarya is the original.

    • Priya

      No doubt Aishwaria has been here for a while and her MOVIES have been memorable, not her performances. Shes gorgeous and a superb dancer, but thats it. Vidya, I admit, is very new to Bollywood but if you see her work, there is no question in who is the better actor. Bollywood wont see anyone like Vidya for a while, I guarantee.

      • shubha

        Good Saying Priya..
        i agreed that the Aishwarya having good looks and luck apart of this she cannot act well but rani , vidya & kajol they are best. Aishwary doing hardly 3/4 films as good actor. & the other are always doing there best job. she is never ever good actor any more. i perfer best actor madhuri other than she.
        she jst got the work on her brand name of Bachchan.

  • Varsha

    2 great actresses from the South!