What is Aamir Khan’s ‘good news’ for his fans?

Besides his much-awaited film Dhoom:3 releasing this month, there is one more good news for all Aamir fans. Read on to know…

Aamir Khan has decided to do a bit on his own for the industry which has given him everything. The actor will hire two media students as interns every year and train them personally. This is Aamir’s way of giving back to Bollywood. In a recent interview the Dhoom:3 baddie said, “It (the idea) came to me some years ago… When Kiran wasn’t well, I was in the hospital and this senior doctor had seven-eight doctors under him. Every day, he would come and discuss what is happening with Kiran, and make them take notes. So these people were learning from him. If they are in the hospital doing that, I thought why shouldn’t I?”

We totally love his idea. After all, who wouldn’t want to learn from the best in the industry, hai na? And the fact that Aamir pays attention to every detail, we are sure his interns would learn much more than just the ropes of Bollywood. But the talented actor also believes that in the process of training new talent even he would get a chance to learn from them. “I’ve been here for over 25 years, so I should give younger people the opportunity to observe me at work… I can also learn from them. For instance, I have two understudies on Dhoom:3, who watch me perform, who I discuss the shots with, and they could say, ‘Sir, you should’ve done it this way or that way.’ They are fresh minds, and will give me fresh perspective. I can also learn from them’’ added Khan.

Wethinks this is a great opportunity for all the young media students and happy that Aamir Khan has taken a initiative to guide them. Wouldn’t you like to work with Aamir?