What is Aamir Khan’s new TV show about?


We hear that using the show as a platform, Mr Perfectionist wants to reach out to people who have been a victim of nature’s wrath or terrorist activities and help them rebuild their lives

Ever since Aamir Khan announced that he was planning to foray onto the small screen, there have been speculations about what the show is all about. A joke doing the rounds is that given Aamir’s determination for perfection, only one episode a year would be aired. All jokes aside, in a recent interview, Aamir said, “I was sure that if I would do something on television then it has to be different… it has to be something that will connect with the audience.” We got curious and sent our jasoos to dig a little deeper into the files to find out just what the top cop of the still-being-made Dhuan was up to, since we knew it had to be something special in order to match up to his rather excruciating standards. And we hit gold…well, a little vein of it, anyway. Our birdie reported with many excited chirps that the show will be based on a concept that was initially called ‘Help Me’, but now that Khan saheb is on board, there is a strong chance that it will become something else and then maybe something new entirely by the time it is actually launched. The core of the show will remain as it was always meant to be – to help people who have suffered a natural disaster or have been at the receiving end of a terrorist attack. There is a possibility that help will be extended to not just these two unfortunate sets of people, but others as well. With this show, Aamir wants to reach out and connect with the masses. Well, if he is extending a helping hand, especially one holding lot of moolah, the masses will definitely queue up. What a way to earn good karma and some more!