What is Abhishek Bachchan saying to Shahrukh Khan?

Recently, Shahrukh Khan and Abhishek Bachchan were seen bonding at the launch of Dabboo Ratnani’s 2012 calendar. We wondered what the animated conversation between the trio was about. We think it could have gone something like this…

Dabboo: Where have you been, Abhi? I’ve been trying to get in touch with you all weekend! Finally left the invite with Aishwarya. I’m glad you made it, though.

Abhishek: Actually, I have been busy changing Bitiya’s diapers

(SRK stares at Abhishek)

Abhishek: Ok…fine! I have been hiding my face ever since Players was released and I read the first review….

SRK: Oh…don’t worry. It happens. Thankfully, Don 2 has been declared a hit.

Abhishek: I am tired of being in these BO disasters. You should have cast me instead of Hrithik as your body double in Don 2. It would have been more believable, no? Your physique just doesn’t match Hrithik’s!

SRK: You don’t have the six-pack abs, Abhi – in fact, do you have abs? We need to check that. But I promise to cast you in Don 3. If I am in it.

Dabboo: Ok guys, why don’t we go check out the photos now. They are amazing!

Abhishek: Why do you make Hrithik Roshan take off his shirt every year, Dabboo! I’ve been working out too, you know! Next year it’s got to be me, got it?