What is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan hiding from the world?

Posted Fri, September 7, 2012 3:10pm IST

Barely two months after being spotted with her baby daughter Aaradhya and carrying a lot more weight than we thought possible, Aishwarya has done an ad shoot for a jewellery brand. The former Miss World looks impossibly slim in the pictures. Has Ash really shed those mega-extra pounds, or is she keeping mum about the quick techniques film stars opt for just to look trim and absolutely wrinkle-free? Will Ash ever speak openly about her secrets to looking younger, super-svelte and picture-perfect?

She was the most beautiful woman on the planet and now she’s the most beautiful mother in the world. But her generous girth made headlines after Aishwarya Rai Bachchan ballooned even more post-delivery. So when we spotted the Bachchan bahu endorsing a jewellery brand, we had to rub our eyes in utter disbelief. We were stunned to see the magical transformation of the 38-year-old gol Bachchan. Here’s Ash with all that nasty cellulite totally melted away. Her skin is taut and face stretched slender. But we need to know: Has Ash really lost weight, or is she hiding behind the most obvious and yet the least-talked-about technique to make her starry comeback?

The answer to that one may possibly lie in the recent confession made by another Bollywood diva, Kareena Kapoor. The Heroine actor is making waves for her latest item song Halkat jawaani, in which she looks ultra-sexy and pencil-thin. But when we saw the poster of Bebo’s sizzling number, it took our breath away, for the Kapoor gal looks even thinner in it. Has Kareena really reacquired her once notorious size-zero frame? “I don’t think I’m so slim. I’d definitely go back to the hotel and check out if it’s really my body. That picture does look photo-shopped. Every picture for every film, every ad, every news print, does get photoshopped. It is a business, photoshop…..Everyone is doing it today,” confessed Kareena at a press conference in Dubai.

Oh, so Photoshop it is that simply makes those already gorgeous stars absolutely flawless and divine! And we must thank Kareena for her candid admission. Very few actors openly admit to that secret. In the past too many Bollywood beauties have resorted to the technique to straighten a nose or to conceal an unwanted acne eruption. From Hema Malini to Rekha and from Madhuri Dixit to Sridevi, everyone has opted for the famous photography trick to hide flaws. And now airbrushing and photoshop techniques have made things even easier for the young B-town starlet when it comes to gracing fashion glossies and appearing in print advertisements.

There’s nothing wrong with using technology to put your best foot forward, wethinks. But how many B-town divas have the guts to state the reality (read: real picture) as it is, a la Kareena? Many just choose to keep their lips sealed…like Aishwarya. Right, BollywoodLifers?

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  • Kish

    Umm.. it is obvious that photoshopping is done with every picture. Nothing great that Kareena admitted it. She didn’t. She was asked a question about it with proof and she had no other choice. Had she said no, she would have looked like an idiot. I don’t see why you have to relate anything and everything in the world with Aishwarya and make an article out of it. Please get a life and write some real articles on real issues.

    • gsingh

      Well said Krish. “Bash Aishwarya” is the only motive of Bollywood life

      • molly

        she looks like auntyji…leave her alone and move on with the young miss worlds

        • sam

          dont hate on her

        • aaditya

          shut up she is not an aunty she is the best

    • sam

      Every freaking celeb photoshops their freaking photoshoots even male ones! so what they do it?

      • sophia

        oh! AISHWARYA RAI has become a brand now.. she just can’t be ignored at all. one of a kind.. lovely she is! very elegant!
        hats off to her.. love you aish!

        • aaditya

          u r the best aish .
          no one can replace u .

  • Radha

    “Nasty cellulite”? Shallow much? I don’t know why Bollywood has become so obsessed with weight in recent years. Now all the stars look like they have eating disorders. More fuss has been made over her weight gain than Salman driving drunk and killing people.

  • Murali

    STOP crying on Most beautiful woman its none iof ur blady business to comment on her just go and do sum useful stuff

  • nicole

    she is not hiding anything just stop talking about her that way she is the most beautiful women in the world and she will always be it<no matter what people say about her!<3

  • icole

    love u aish no matter what they say!

  • aishwariya

    I say that thinking so much about weight and looks is madness. I think i am better than aish or kareena……….chill up!!!!!!
    I think deepica is better than both.

  • A

    How unfair is this article? Kareena was asked if her picture was photoshopped. So what is she supposed to say oh no it’s not photoshopped and I’m perfect and that’s my body? To avoid sounding vain & like a fool she said it looks photoshopped. Ur giving Kareena way too much credit. It would be commendable if she decided to say her pics are photoshopped with being asked, but she was asked so she had to admit to it. If Aishwarya was asked the way Kareena was she would’ve admitted to it too. You really can’t write an article like this without asking Aish if her kalyan ad pics are photoshopped & hearing what she says. BL, please take a hint from ur readers & avoid biased/judgmental/shallow articles before you lose 90% of ur readers.

    • Annie


  • Samantha

    Kareena herself said she was size zero for Halkat Jawani, what a liar. Ash never lied and said such a thing so plz don’t compare.

    • Annie


  • sk

    kareena is definetly better than
    aish aunty—,
    kareena is a real beauty, she look beautiful even vid out
    makeup nd i hv never seen aishwarya vidout makeup
    not even on airport—– ????WHY is she scared coming out
    vidout makeup.

    • rude

      Kareena better than Ash?!! Ha ha ha what a joke, had it not been her kapoor surname, she wouldnt have been offered item numbers!!! Ash and Aunty?!!! you must be kidding… even after marriage and motherhood, she signs a 20 crore ad project and where does Kareena stand? Apart for Sony Vaio and Vivel she doesnt have a decent Ad for herself… Kareena is better than Ash… Bah!!!

  • Anna Simoes

    Where beauty n figure goes, it’s only Kareena, she has the height, figure, beauty n anything looks great on her n sexy, that what an Heroine should have. Waiting to watch your new releases.

    • A

      Kareena is 5 ft 5. Aish is 5 ft 7.5. Who has the height??

  • Anna Simoes

    You r the Best in all you do, whether u r zero or any size, nobody can match you, others actress r just trying to go around the hero to get roles like P.Chopra, a real ……

  • Neelam

    okay? so it’s a story about bebo’s interview re: photoshop and you presented it as an aish article why? dont you have confidence readers will be interested enough to read a bebo article? got to drop aish’s name huh pooor bebo needs aish’s name to get readers. awwwwwwwwwwww.

    • Annie

      Not only did they use Aishwarya’s name, but her pictures. They didn’t put any pictures of Kareena despite the fact that it’s her quotes. Why? Aishwarya will get more hits. Photoshop or not, Kareena can never be as beautiful or as popular as Aishwarya.

  • 21stCenturyGirl

    That’s what I love about Kareena. She’s the best actress and the most beautiful even without makeup. She does not fear anybody. It’s her attitude what makes her even more gorgeous. The writer is trying to imply something by merging these two stories. Read between the lines.. ;)

    • Annie

      The writer knows that by using Aishwarya’s picture and pretending there is actual Aishwarya news, people will want to open the article. It’s front page “news” and all she’s doing is sitting at home and feeding her baby.

      The writer knows that if she used a Kareena picture for the Kareena quote, nobody would have looked at it. Photoshop won’t help Bebo come close to Aishwarya’s attractiveness and aura.

    • ren

      kareena is doomed to dust. we can see its already faded. wen r u going to see that?

  • Manila

    Why r people jelous of my aish just let her be with our cute n little B she never lai ny1 coz nt telling is nt lying

  • Prathibha kamath

    The photo is morphed. She is a fatty in person dangling in the threshold of obesity.

  • Kareina

    U are beautyful. But it is not natural, plastic surgery, implant. Oh :(

  • Ham

    i love both of them, so am not choosing side. Aish and Bebo are both doing a great job and ds article is not their fault. if the writer wants to write sumin on Aish or Kareena (that’s fine), but the writer shouldn’t av used Kareena’s statement on the aritcle he or she is writing.

  • viviana

    Love Aish, queen of bollywood.