What is going wrong with Qubool Hai?

What is going wrong with Qubool Hai?

Is it the story, or the fact that Karan Singh Grover was replaced by Raqesh Vashisht? You tell us…

According to the numbers, Qubool Hai is having a little trouble keeping its loyal audiences. We hear that ever since the hunky Karan Singh Grover (Asad) left the show, its TRPs have been dropping. If you remember, Karan was reportedly evicted from Qubool Hai because of unprofessional behavior; he said that it was for various reasons that he quit the show and was not sacked. Put both stories together and you get one simple result: KSG is no longer playing Asad, the brooding hero of the Hindi soap opera. He was replaced by Raqesh Vashisht, who is also a popular face on the dance reality show, Nach Baliye, airing every weekend.

But is Raqesh the one at fault for ratings suffering? It could be that the story has flipped and flopped around so much in accounting for Asad’s non-presence that coherence and flow has been badly affected. It could also be that KSG loyalists don’t want to watch the story without their favourite actor and refuse to give Raqesh a fair try. Wethinks that all change takes time to catch on. And we are sure that given that time, RV will pull in as many eyeballs as Karan did. What do you think, BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Reena Ahmed


  • Reena Ahmed


  • aysha

    You got to be joking the new ASAD AHMED KHAN is just a big JOKE he carnt even act like how KSG did as ASAD he has no COMPARISON with Karan Singh Grover and i hate listening to his voice his ACTING IS S***

    • Reena Ahmed

      omg so true!!!!!!

  • priya

    Please do not hate on Raqesh. Karan left the show HIMSELF after his contract expired so someone had to replace the character. Raqesh doesn’t deserve this hate. If you have a problem with it, stop watching the show.

  • Zara

    in my opinion, Zee tv is at fault here. the way they tried to defame Karan was not at all appropriate. Regarding the replacement, everyone has a right to their choice and i think this role of asad has been so well played by Karan that i dont think i will be able to accept a new face in that character. so wont be watching QH anymore cause it is wierd for me to see the face of the character change, and that too after such a long period of time.

  • Fari


  • asyafan5

    the only reason we watched this show was for the ASYA=Karan and Surbhi’s Chemistry both onscreen and Of-screen. so the real reason you are suffering is due to the loss of Karan Singh grover. Even those common people like my uncle who just catch a glimpse of the show got put off when they watched the new promo. Their reaction They replaced perfection with this?
    so here is your reason we had a very perfect Asad played by Karan Singh grover and many cannot accept anyone else in that role and most of the dialogues are tailor made for him. as for the storyline it has been awful for the past 7 months, KSG and surbhis chemistry was the only reason we still watched this serial. well now its definitely qubool nahi hai now and above all a big NO to zeetv for disappointing its viewers so much esp those of us who waited for 1 yr just for asya nikah feel really cheated.
    i repeat i am not a KSG loyalist. many here are in it for the chemistry they shared and will react the same if surbhi was changed too.

  • Sangeet Bharghav

    I am not one of those who have left qubool hai because Karan singh grover left, I left because they ruined kabhi and their romance for me. And storyline has been illogical for the past 7 months. still sat through all the episodes just for kabhi as asya. Now they ruined even that. Cannot accept anyone else in that role. Its like we had SRK and Kajol Jodi for so long and then ruined all of a sudden. So STOPPED WATCHING THE SHOW and even my friends who wanted to watch the show for raqesh stopped watching the show after the promo cause even they were like they have really ruined the best JODI.

  • Sangeet Bharghav

    remember that many unsubscribed to zeetv only after that promo. so that should have answered your question.

    • Roy

      Brain hoga to samjhe ge na lol

  • Roy

    I was a huge fan of qabool hai because of Karan Singh Grover but now thrrs nothing to watch if ksg is not there
    Rip qabool hai lack of story lack of talent now and @zee loosers to defame their actors
    Rip zee TV
    Ksg showed made your show hit and zee is so ungreatful
    Shame on zee

  • Blessy

    without karan qubool hai humein qubool nahi hai.. in spite of stupit and illogical tracks we watched qubool hai only for KSG and we gave trp .. most of us has unsubscribed zee.. and many has unsubscribed after the new promo of raqesh..

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    I was a huge fan of qabool hai because of Karan Singh Grover but now thrrs nothing to watch if ksg is not there

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    new guy can never compete with ksg he is only ASAD AHMED KHAN FOR US

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    Just not interested…No Ksg= No Asad for me

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    Nt interested in it at all…don’t waste ur time in posting these acticles….we were only interested ksg’s articles…we watched qh just for ksg and quit it the day he quit qh

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    We are not against Raqesh Vashisht as an actor but honestly after seeing the Preview I am now 200% confirmed that Raqesh cannot take KSG’s place as Asad in the fans heart… His chemistry with Zoya lacks lusture and the spark which Karan-Surbhi shared… NO matter how many promos ZEE TV releases about New Asad, the truth remains the same…. KSG has raised the standard of Asad so high by his acting potential that it cannot be matched by Raqesh now.

  • Fareesh Zaman

    The only thing that went wrong with Qubool Hai is just that they threw illogical twists at the audience,and though we detested it,we watched it for Karan and Surbhi’s amazing chemistry.And now when things were just starting to look good after months of torture, we got the news of KSG’s departure.That is just unacceptable and qubool hai will further suffer if they dont bring their original lead male back in the show.

    • swapno

      100 % true…

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    We do not accept any random guy as Asad.. our Asad is Karan Singh Grover.. and will always be..NO ONE can replace him mind you no one.. and if you all think people will accept new Asad then my friend TRPs will tell.. We are the viewers and without our acceptance you cannot run a show..and we dont accept any replacement… Karan singh grover is our Asad … end of discussion

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    enough is enough yarr… i dnt understand ZEE TV ko kya lgta hai hum saas-bahu sireal ki audience hai ki ye jo bhi dikhayegye hum dekh lege NO WAY…
    april se hum jis Asya niqaah ki umeed kr rahe the ab jb ultimately itne ups & downs ( such a beautiful Mangalpur track, All Niqaah ceremony’s, emotional Ajmer track, Romantic Wish-list episodes & rubbish Zoyaan track) ke bad wo dikhaya jayega to wo DUPLICATE ASAD ke sth hoga or hum dekhege..? NEVER
    dec.2012 se Zoya ABBU-ABBU kr rhi hai ab jb finally use apne abbu ke baare me pta chlega to uske sath DUPLICATE Asad khada hoga jese kisi ko yaad he nhi wo sare episode jisme Asad ne kaha “Me waada krta hu Miss Farookhi aapke abbu ko dund ke laauga) ab wo waada ek DUPLICATE pura karega??? or hum dekhege ooh plzzz..
    ksg ko koi replace nhi kr skta zee tv ko KARAN ke sth he story ko ek Good Note ke sath show Happy-Ending deni chahiye yo to Qubool Hai bnd kr dena chahiye ise pehle ki sare fans jinhone QH ko boycott kiya hai wo ZEE TV ko bhi BOYCOTT kr de

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    Qh is crap vidout ksg

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    We want apology from zee
    Everybody know about the replacement about karan singh grover and the words zee using against him.its not tolerable they way a leading channel defaming an actors reputation,using his name and false rumours they wanted to gain some publicity which is much needed for their sinking show which is still running for the name karan singh grover.
    They called him unprofessional,don’t come on set,problem with co star but his costars denied saying thay have not seen any such behavior.even the new guy also said its karan who convinced him.
    Zee also accused him of drunked on the set,but in all the behind the scene segment,interviews we have never seen such behavior ,no costars complained about him,not even the two ayan who left the show.
    He even present on last 300 episodes celebration with the producer gul khan,the producers and co stars have no problem with him
    According to karan his contract ended and he was working for his frnd gul only,and he is shocked to see this low,dirty behavior of the channel
    Its clear zee is afraid of loosing the audience after karan left and it also hurts their ego that he wanted to leave,some days ago karan himself said he have less scene as there is so many people in the show.last year we have seen his dedication,hardwork portraying asad s character,media who present during the shoot also agree with that.he is not doing any show or something so there is no reason he will not give time to his show,his character sidelined from the time of zoyaan track,the story revolves around ,zoya,haseena bi etc.and if zee replacing him for his unprofessional behavior,then why on earth karan talked ad convinced the new guy
    We the fans really hurt to see the words the channel using against a respected actor,for their own gain.if they wanted to replace him ,replace but give some respect.he is not a new comer,we know him from dmg days and I know media like sbs,sbb,also know the person he is.
    So a sincere request to the media to help us fight against the cheapness and find the truth.channels strategy of gaining popularity is ok but not by ruining an actors image
    Because he don’t deserve this,karan singh grover don’t deserve this,we want justice,we want apology from zee

  • Amanpreet Kaur


  • Sue Brown

    I thought I would miss QH but … nope … not even a little bit. Now why could that be? How could I not miss a show that I was literally obsessed with? It’s because for the last 4 or 5 months the story has been awful! The most illogical tracks, disgusting twists, & bloopers so huge I wonder if the writers have Alzheimer’s. So why did I continue to watch you might ask … well … for the chance to catch even a glimpse of the super talented & hunky Karan Singh Grover. His acting is beyond compare & elevates every scene he is in. I sat through months of no story & the lead’s diminishing screen space where just a glimpse of him in the pecap made the epi worthwhile. So without the chance of even that glimpse … QH holds no appeal whatsoever. In fact, I haven’t watched since the news broke on Xmas (ruined my holiday btw) As for ZeeTV I have unsubscribed from this unprofessional network & will not watch any of their shows!

    • Mrox2

      Agreed, show just ended now (season 1) on Zee Alwan, glad I didn’t watch this, and I thought Kasamh She was bad, this is the most stupid and terrible ending ever, the characters just stand and won’t defend themselves against one bitch and they all get killed? Seriously? Most stupid ending ever. Chhoti So Zindagi had low TRPs even though it was better than this crap. At least CSZ is getting very popular now in the Arab world (as Ghader Al-Zaman / غدر الزمن) sometimes I just question the mentality of some of the Hindi drama writers… Really.

  • srashti

    Qubool hai used to be a great show but constantly deteriorating storyline and now ksg’s exit has taken a toll on viewers. I don’t think this new guy can create same magic with surbhi. I’m disappointed with Zee Tv for this decision. Asad is and will remain as Asad in viewers’ heart and mind. Show is going down the drain….unsubscribed Zee Tv too….so that I don’t get attached to its shows in future….who knows what game they’ll play with the viewers!!!!

  • Sabina

    Story ?? Whom are you kidding we stuck to this shit even during Zoyan illogical track and also during Tanveer’s extra power’s foolishness just for ASYA as in KSG and Surbhi but now when KSG is not there we are not interested in qh anymore. Many of them already unsubscribed this channel and baaki toh ekbar telecast hone do then Zee will See !! And their rude ness and Ego will pay them a lot and about Unproffessionalism that we as audience are already witnessing when we call Zee and the way they talk to us it shows Unproffessinal and Tameez ki zarurat kise hai

    • Blessy

      Razia ke sangati main zee bhi chalak aur batameez hogaya hai …

    • Roy

      Very true

  • swapno

    sorry I could not get it properly. It said that it could be the story has flipped and flopped around so ,much on accounting for Asad’s non presence, that’s why TRP is dripping???Sorry to inform you that QH gained lowest TRP when that illogical “ZOYAAN” track started. It directly drops from position 5 to Position 11. That time Asad As Karan Singh Grover was present but they did not give him screen-space. He was there but they were concentrating so much in the Mockery of Islam. That was illogical and though we stuck with the serial because of hope that one day they will finish it saying the marriage is invalid. but what is the outcome, viewers till do not find the Nikaah is invalid and Zoya is going to called as divorcee. Why we saw this, because there was an impeccable actor named Karan.May be his fan accepts Raquesh if he had left in a proper way.But you defamed him saying unprofessional. Then why will the KSG loyalists want to watch this show and give Raqesh a try??? Simply they are hurt.

  • Zoya Farookhi

    we just can’t accept any new Asad bcuz for us QH and Asad means KSG!!!!
    Karan will always be our only Asad Ahmed Khan!!!! we all fans love only
    KSG we will never accept anyone as Asad and will never watch QH without
    KSG!!!!! so bye bye…>:( R.I.P QH!!

  • karthik

    its not becz of KSG but becz of illogical tracks qh has witnessed fall in trps..
    regarding this replacement its complete fault of zeetv..
    I was a fan of quboolhai but not ksg n sj alone but can say
    qubool hai more will go down in trps very soon..
    recently released promo itself says KSG is d best as asad than this replaced actor.
    no hatred for raqesh..but asad n zoya r ksg n sj only..
    zeetv playing with viewers like anything.
    hate zeetv n hate this replacement.

  • Bhavana Verma

    Its nt a love stry nt a saas bahu saga its a tasteles khicdi rather. Dis yr dey vil defntly get an award of pathetic serial . Ksg vs d sole of qh nobdy cn replace him nd dey replace best by average..

  • Centigram

    TRPs fall because you cant respect the man who got you the TRPs……….the story since September has been wholesome crap!!!!…..KSG IS THE MAN WHO MADE QUBOOL HAI….and will ever remain the ASAD AHMED KHAN…..Honestly I feel Raqesh is a nice human being but after watching the promo…….sorry ZEE TV….you screwed it…..For me QUBOOL HAI WENT OFF AIR SINCE THE KSG EXIT WAS ANNOUNCED…..what remains is a ghost which will never have SALVATION……The shows name again….. QUIT HAI!!!!

  • Shayeri89

    KSG is the only Asad n no one can ever replace him… no offence to raquesh..he’s good looking but sorry he is not suited for Asad…the new promo looked hilarious…just wastage of money n time…

  • shishira

    logics, story are these words prevail in Qubool hai….lol these article made me laugh….i just watched this crap serial just in hope for ASYA nikaah. ASYA for me are karan n surbhi….now i cannot accept anyone as new asad and cannot watch QH. no offence towards raqesh but zee itz all ur fault.

  • Teja Ksgian

    i dnt think raqush can handle asad he is perfect for jovial and serious characters but asad is serious with grey character he has to show more intensity and more emotions that i doubt raqush will do i just saw promos i dnt think he can handle asad as karan did.and as for as story it is bakwad from zoyaan track now they just moving the tracks bez they know if there is no asya and asad they have to do something which can hook viewers so they moving the tracks i dnt think its helping in gaining the trps

  • Chaturvedi Rishika

    Ab QUBOOL HAI shud go off air ..it has nothing interseting …every actor is just acting out of character .no chemistry between lead pairs .useless twists and boring tracks filled show it is …it was just fab around june-july but it sinked to hell right now..it shud be pulled off air .
    And if we talk particularly abt karan being replaced by raqesh ..its something like SALMAAN KHAN being replaced by JOHNY LEVER

    • ishley

      Hehehe..so true

  • Pratidnya Patil

    karan singh grover is the only asad

    no ksg = no qubool hai

  • Woh Actually

    KSG defined Asad for me, I cant watch anyone else as Asad so I left QH with the exit of KSG

  • Neelam Thapa

    Are u seriously saying story flip flopped due to karan, u must be joking. Karan was the only reason lots of us watched qubool hai, so without karan it is not worth watching.

  • annanyaksgian

    for us qubool hai ended the moment karan singh grover is not a part of it.qubool hai trp suferred because of zoyaan track and ksg has so little screen space.without karan singh grover who wants to watch that crap
    KARAN SINGH GROVER OUR ONE AND ONLY ASAD AHMED KHAN and we will boycott zee the way they behave with karan singh grover.they r using karan singh grover s name for publicity and fans will not tolerate that.
    karan singh grover our asad ahmed khan and qubool hai ended on 20th december

  • annanyaksgian

    zee used karan singh grovers name for publicity which they badly needed for the show which is nothing without karan singh grover.the show will end soon

  • My love KSG

    ZEETV k chamchey Bollywoodlife listen don’t dare to compare The KARAN SUPERSTAR SINGH GROVER with ur so Called actor. THE KSG is incomparable . tumahari new actor ko batao jistarha KSG ney Mangalphur,AIRPORT scene,Ajmar track mein act kya hai usi tarha act karkey dhika sirf ek scene. Well i don’t think he can. hey MR> bollywoodlife i bet u man. usko kaho jistarha KSG ney Act kya usitarhaa act kar key dhikaa. if he success doing that then u will get all ur viewers back. but betA aisa honey wali nahi cox jistarha KSG ney us scene mein act kya no other actor in the world could be able to act like KSG did in those scene. samjey tum and KSG kya hai yeh hamey tum logey say ya phir ajay balwankar say jaaney ki koi zaroorath nahi hai cox we know KSG better than you got it.shut ur dirty mouth and Crap qubool hai ko bhi shut kar dho waisay bhi wo ap Fizool hai hogayye hai.Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr go to hell.

  • Rikrani Mondal

    please bring ksg back as asad he is the only asad we just want him as asad no one else can justify with the “asad” character it is…must be ksg and his acting we never accept raqesh as asad please shoot the fire scene of saving zoya from gudia factory with ksg again and telecast that please pleasse please

  • Rikrani Mondal

    dekhiye please ksg ko wapas laiye kuki raqesh ke jagah pe ksg hi asad rahenge to sab dekhenge qubool hai lekin ksg nahi honge to bohot se logoka dil tut jayega aur wo qubool hai nahi dekh payega trp ki baat alag hai hum jis generation ke log qubool hai ko sarahaa hai wo jyadatar net pe khas kar facebook link pe dekhte hai maine 2 -3 bar koshish ki hai remote chupane ki lekin papa logoko usi waqt news dekhni hoti hai dinner karne ke sath par ab remot chupana to dur zee ka logo dekh kar v dil dukh ta hai tv ke paas nahi ja pati please ksg ko wapas laiye please please please please avi v 1 din ka waqt hai please try to understand our emotion all over we are human being having attuchment and emotion deep love about ….please

  • Ahuti

    I was a huge fan of qh because of ksg the only reason we watch the show for the ASYA=KABHI but now i alrady stop watching the show and the big reason the TRP are falling because of ksg was not in qh and we don’t accept the replacement,KSG THE ONLY ASAD AHAMAD KHAN please bring back karan “WE WANT KARAN IN QH AS AAK”

  • Rikrani Mondal

    ek facebook page pe to maine dekha hai ki facebook link dena hi band kar diya hai qubool hai ke episodes ke january ke starting se kuki ksg ke ummid darwaje se dur jate dekh please avi v hum darwaje se ksg ko hi dekh rahe hai unhe hi bulaiye asad ke role liye aur hamare dil ko sukun dijiye please

  • Riddha KSGian

    Oh please nobody can match up to Karan’s capability and acting skills…we dont want any random replacements.. KSG is our Asad and will always be..we dont want to give any chance to any other actor.. either bring him back or we quit the show and the channel too

  • Ayesha Khan

    I only watch QH only for my ASYA means my real leads KARAN SINGH ROVER and SURBHI JYOTI bas i will not accept any actor as my Asad ,i will not watch zee tv if KARAN dsnt come back ,BRING KARAN back give us back our old qubool hai our ASYA

  • priya

    Please do not hate on Raqesh. Karan left the show HIMSELF after his contract expired so someone had to replace the character. Raqesh doesn’t deserve this hate. If you have a problem with it, stop watching the show. Also, the show lost so many viewers when Zoya and Ayaan got married, it was going downhill long before Karan left. Let the show run guys, some of us still want to watch it. I wish the best to Raqesh, Karan, and Qubool Hai.

    And I do agree that Zee Tv should have handled this matter professionally.

  • ishley

    Qubool hai production house..pls bring back KSG..he was d only reason why we watch dis serial..The chemistry btw Karan n Surbhi looks amazing..pls dun disappoint ur fans..else lot of audience might stop watching d show..

  • Simran Neelam Mahtani

    We want ksg back or else quit qh

  • Mamta Swaika

    Qubool Hai is now Quit Hai ! It is finished as actors and technicians are leaving the show continuously . It has been the practice from the start starting with Rishab Sinha who was the first Ayaan. Now even his replacement is missing . Karan’s exit is the last among the actors and will hit the show hard as it was he who drew the crowds to the serial from the start. Another shock is the news of the DOP moving on …he was responsible for the haunting shots that beguiled the audience . The Channel with its inflated ego has killed its own baby :(

  • Niharika Singh

    sorry cant accept new asad it would be better to stop the show without ksg

  • anu chopra

    The reason y QH’s trps are dropping is ‘u may bring in an actor 100 times handsome than KSG, but not another KSG’. He is simply perfect, perfect as the cute and extrovert Armaan, n perfect as the strict and introvert Asad. He is the only TV actor who can bring tears to my eyes. Just watch Dill Mill Gayye n u will realize wt a good actor he is. U cant expect an A-class actor to act in a rubbish show like QH. Thats y he quit. QH was never even a match to DMG.

  • http://dill-mill-gayye.blogspot.com/2013/02/part-1-dil-se-qubool-hai.html phoohoney

    Something is extremely wrong with the crew members of Qubool Hai !1st we saw replacement of Nuzhat and channel said “It was because of unprofessional behaviour” then Ayaan was replaced and the same reason was given after that we had replacement of Tanveer and Finally its Asad and the reason is same “Unprofessional behaviour” I mean seriously? You guys need to buy a dictionary and search for “Unprofessional behaviour”. How can all of the characters have a “Unprofessional behaviour”

  • Fiji Sun

    KSG best suited the role . His departure fir whatever resson has affected the show seriously. Raqesh as a eeplacemdnt is pathdtic. My fsmiky and freinds will auit watcing the show.

  • Kareena

    Asya is forever dead without Karan bring him back the show sucks or go off air we want Karan!!!