What is Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar about?

We hear that unlike Farhan Akhtar-starrer Rock On, which was the story of a disbanded rock band, the Ranbir Kapoor-starrer, Rockstar is actually about a spiritual journey of a musician

When the first look of Imtiaz Ali’s next film hit the web, we were curious beyond words and found a source who was kind enough to share whatever little he knew about the story. Just like we shared the leaked story of Shirish Kunder’s Joker, here it is, the probable story of Rockstar (you can thank us in the ‘comments’ section). You all know that Imtiaz’s stories have a journey embedded somewhere deep within them. His latest outing, we hear, is a more spiritual journey, with a strong Sufi influence. We learned that the Sufi connection was a strong reason why the Mozart of Madras, AR Rahman came on board to do the music for the film. Our source also told us that the story of Rockstar is heavily influenced by the writings of Sufi poet Rumi, which explains the grungy dervish look of Ranbir you see in the poster. The protagonist’s journey is not only spiritual, but has a strong romantic undertone as well – that nicely accounts for the presence of ethereal beauty Nargis Fakhri. If our source is indeed to be believed, the story is about a heartbroken Ranbir who sets out on a journey of self-destruction, but ends up finding his raison-de-etre, that of a Sufi messenger of God, albeit with some addictions thrown in. So far, so good; now we hope that Imtiaz and Ranbir manage to earn the ‘rockstar’ tag.