What is Jacqueline Fernandez doing in Poland?

After shooting Sajid Nadiadwala’s Salman Khan starrer Kick in the European country, Jacqueline returns to Poland. Read on to know what took the Sri-Lankan beauty back to the distant land…

Our B-town filmmakers continue to explore the world in search of never-seen-before scenic locales for their movies. Sajid Nadiadwala chose to shoot his forthcoming Salman Khan starrer Kick in Poland, there by stressing that moviemakers are looking beyond the obvious foreign places where they can set their stories.

Salman and Jacqueline, we hear, had a great time shooting in Poland for Kick. Polish cities like Warsaw or Krakow offer breathtaking views and Nadiadwala was only happy to have those vistas captured on camera. But what makes us wonder is Jacqueline is still making Poland look even more beautiful with her magnificent presence. Kick’s schedule in Poland is over. Then what made the Sri Lankan beauty fly back to Poland, all over again?

Interestingly, movie critic-turned-filmmaker Karan Anshuman is shooting his directorial venture in Poland! And guess what? Jacqueline is playing the female lead even in Anshuman’s movie. We also hear that the natives of the beautiful country are mistaking Anshuman’s project for Salman Khan’s Kick. What is even more hilarious is the fact that Poles are mistaking Anshuman for Sajid Nadiadwala! “People would approach me thinking I am Sajid from ‘Keeck’. After a point, I got tired of refuting them and pretended to be Sajid,” complained Anshuman in an interview.

Now we don’t know yet if Poland is emerging as the new Switzerland for our moviewallas, what we know for sure is that the beautiful country is certainly turning out to be the place of mistaken identities!