What is Kangana Ranaut’s alternate profession?

Kangy seems to be looking out for an alternate career, but what is it?

Kangana Ranaut is all set for the release of Queen, which will hit the theatres next week. However apart from acting, Kangy is looking out for some alternate career options as well, it seems. And it looks like the pay cheques from her shelved movies are helping her to start her alternate business.

Recently, Kangana was spotted selling music CDs on a street in Amsterdam. And she surely makes one heck of a sexy CD seller from whom everyone wants to buy the CDs, hai na?

Looks like, the Tanu Weds Manu actor is taking her role in Queen too seriously. Yes, Kangy essays the role of a CD seller in the film, which also stars Rajkummar Rao.

For all the Kangana fans out there, let us tell you that she was just selling the CDs to get into the mind frame of her character.

Now, did you really think that Kangana was thinking of an alternate career, huh?