What is Karan Johar doing in Bombay Talkies?

Karan Johar is known for his larger than life glossy productions. What exactly is then KJo doing in this arty-looking endevour, we wonder!

Can you imagine a Karan Johar movie without any frills and gloss, with no hero coming back home on his private chopper, landing on his helipad, from his vacation abroad? Can you ever think of the coffee host show actually going de-glam with no heroines serenading in a chiffon sari in his larger-than-life cinema? Get set for a shocker then. Karan Johar has decided to go de-glam.


Going by the promo of the forthcoming arty film (oops! read meaningful cinema), Bombay Talkies, one can say that the unthinkable has happened. Three of Bollywood’s most intellectual directors – Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar and Dibakar Banerjee – have joined hands with KJo. These four filmmakers tell four short stories that are close to their hearts. While we know that Kashyap and Banerjee can portray dark tales with finesse, even Zoya is known for keeping her stories considerably believable if not down-right real. But the king of gloss and candy floss is actually all set to portray a gritty, compelling and concise tale on celluloid. “It was indeed difficult for me to keep my film short and real. All my films are known for their big budgets but I have completed the task of completing the film within the restricted budget of Rs 1.20 crores, without cheating – that is, without putting extra money from my pocket,” said Karan. We are waiting to see how he will keep us hooked with his hatke story.