What is Kareena Kapoor Khan up to these days?

What is Kareena Kapoor Khan up to these days?

It seems that Bebo doesn’t have many movie offers like she used to have once upon a time

2013 was not a fantastic year for Kareena Kapoor Khan as far as the silver screen is concerned. Both her movies Satyagraha and Gori Tere Pyaar Mein bombed big time at the box-office. And as a result, it looks like Kareena doesn’t have too many movie offers coming her way anymore. The situation is so bad, that apparently, Bebo has now been replaced by none other than the flavour of the season – Deepika Padukone as filmmaker Karan Johar’s new favourite.

We have heard that as a tribute to towering box office collections, Star Guild Awards has announced the launch of Guild Hall of Fame, which will be inaugurated by Kareena at the awards function. Apart from all these chotu motu offers, Kareena has few endorsement deals in her kitty. But the question is – are these the only offers in Bebo’s hand right now?

We know that Kareena is starting her own production house with sister Karisma Kapoor and all that jazz, but since the movie offers are drying up, wethinks the Gori Tere Pyaar Mein actor will end up joining the list of those actors who have to produce their own films. What is that famous Hindi cliche peeps? Now we remember – Umar ka takazaa hai…Wink!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • EE

    Kareena is doing Shuddhi with Hrithik and another movie with Farhan Akhtar, how is she jobless?

    • Kar

      This article simply shows that the journalist (male or
      female writer-journalist) who wrote this article ISN’t ASHAMED & IS
      BACKWARD enough to write an article where he/she takes it normal or suggests
      that a 33 year-smth woman is out of work due to her age.

      India was & will remain a REGRESSIVE society, no doubt!

      Thumbs down to Bollywood Life thinking & to this reporter who depicts a 33
      year old woman to be out work & competiton due to age.

  • sidrockd

    singham 2,shuddhi,bombay samurai,bajirao mastani….reporter is drunk

  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    i dont no if this website is own by deepika or someone who is dating her, i just cant understand them, always saying good things about her, and bring others down. stop what you are doing

  • http://alabamau2.blogspot.com/ Ademola Olayinka Ogunshe

    I love coming to this site … but now I will think twice before clicking d botton … Vinod Talreja you are such a biased IDIOT! This is the 3rd time in 30 days you people on bollywoodlife will be running (I cover BEBO with the blood of Jesus, Insha Allah) down, and pulling up deepika – my black ASS! This is so UNFAIR! Just take a clue from PinkVilla and Bollywood Celebden!

  • http://alabamau2.blogspot.com/ Ademola Olayinka Ogunshe

    In case you’ve forgotten Kareena Kapoor Khan is doing Singham 2, Bombay Samurai, Shuddhi, Badtameez Dil and we are so waiting for her item song in Gabbar and cameo in Happy Ending … So therefore Mr Writer get a life! And remember, if you point a ‘finger’ wishing a fellow human being like you bad luck … The remaining ones ‘fingers’ will be yours (9 bad-lucks). Get ready for it!

  • http://alabamau2.blogspot.com/ Ademola Olayinka Ogunshe

    You people should be sued, cos this is an insult to Bollywood actresses and Indian men as a whole. You media talk about Bollywood actresses like ‘GUM’ … After chewing, you throw them away … Hahahahahaha. It’s your film industry and country! Throw away all your talented actresses and replaced them with ‘doll looking talentless and desperate actresses’ like deepika aka depoko, Jaq and co! No wonder rape keep increasing in India … I’m sorry GOOD INDIANS. This writer just pissed me off like mad!

  • nikhil kumar

    the reporter is a idiot

  • Kar

    Perhaps you could have rather written an article on the end of the film career of Zayed Khan, Fardeen Khan, and the likes BUT that too, without being demeaning to them or loathing them. You could even investigate and write what are NOW their new careers choices they have made, whether in which business etc. This would’ve appeared sensible journalism.

    You guys, have a long way to go before reaching the likes of Europe & US – don’t tell me you hate them because you yearn to be in those countries and to be in their places.

  • rohan

    we love kareeena… dont you dare try to put her down.. her fans are damn loyal.. bebo fans lets boycott deepikas films now on

  • kyaan

    u people r jst sick… she is still our fvrt.. & u freaks r critisizing us & her …. fuck u…. she is the Queen

  • himi

    i am just fed up with this reporter i strongly feel tht deepika is paying so
    me to these people to say gud abt her and always let down kareena or katrina