What is Katrina Kaif doing in New York?

The Dhoom:3 babe has been unwell for a few days and has finally taken off to New York to recuperate. But what is Kat suffering from that cannot be treated in our Bharat desh? Or is Ranbir Kapoor playing doctor…

We hear Katrina Kaif was down with viral flu and her health got so bad that she had to seek medical help on the sets of her new film Dhoom:3. But as soon as Kat was done shooting a song for the action thriller, she zoomed off to New York, reportedly to recover from her bout of…coff coff …flu. Now we all know that Katrina’s alleged boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor is in US holidaying and trying to get over the fact that Besharam bombed miserably. So it’s obvious that Kat and Ranboo want to spend time together away from the peeking paparazzi in humara Bharat mahaan, hai na? But here’s the twist in this tangled tale – the Jab Tak Hain Jaan girl was suppose to join RK in New York a few days so but didn’t feel well enough. And then, before you could say ‘via’, she suddenly left for the Big Apple, to unwind and get better her PR people say. We wonder if the mad scramble had anything to do with a photo of Ranbir and a certain unknown (to us, at least) firang that has gone viral on the Internet.

Is KK insecure about Ranbir’s roving eye? Did Kat actually fly to New York to recuperate, or did she think she needed to keep an eye on her beau? Whatever the reason, one thing we know for sure – the best medicine for Kat right now is Ranbir. So filmi, na? But that’s how it is when you’re bitten by the bug called ‘lovaria’. Don’t believe us? Ask Ranveer Singh. The Ram-Leela actor was suffering from a severe case of dengue but his condition improved dramatically after Deepika Padukone visited him, even if it was just for a few minutes.

That apart, we heard reports that Kat suffered an adverse reaction to antibiotics she was given for her fever – her face swelled and she could not shoot. Is that why she has been avoiding the media? Hmmmm….Well, if RK’s special friend was so ill, she should not have risked that long flight to the other side of the world, no? Or has she been avoiding the cameras because after those pictures of her in a bikini she wants to keep her private life private? In that case, the couple finally seems to have mastered the art of being discreet. But for how long… we aren’t sure!