What is more important than Jai Ho for Salman Khan?

While most filmmakers and actors spend big moolah on marketing strategy, Sallu miyaan on the other hand has decided to cut down the promotional budget of his next Jai Ho. Read on to know why…

Besides his Dabangg attitude, Salman Khan is known for being generous and it seems his friend Aamir Khan has given him a new idea for generating money for charity. Now we don’t know why Aamir decided to not promote Dhoom:3, but it seems like besides doing social work through his organization Being Human, the Dabangg Khan has now found a new way to do charity work. We have learnt that just like Aamir, Sallu miyaan has requested the presenters of his next Jai Ho to revise the publicity budget and make it Rs 6 crore and not Rs 16 crore. Reportedly, Khan wants to give away the rest of the money as charity. Awww that’s so humbling, hai na?

While talking to a leading daily, a source said, “The amount allocated was Rs 16 crore, but Salman told Sunil Lulla (the head honcho of the production house) that the upper limit for promotions should be no more than Rs 6 crore. He wants the rest of the money to be distributed among the poor and needy while on city tours.”

That’s not all! As per the media reports, Salman has also asked the presenters to make sure that the ticket prices of Jai Ho aren’t too expensive. “Numbers are important but don’t take the film out of the common man’s reach,” said the actor to a leading daily.

While we are maha impressed with SK’s noble idea, we also know his films don’t need any promotions. The name Salman Khan is enough to pull the crowds to the theatres, no? So with or without publicity, wethinks Jai Ho will attract the audience anyways!