What is Neelu Vaghela doing in Mumbai Can Dance Saala?

The Diya Aur Baati Hum actor is making a foray into Bollywood with Sachindra Sharma’s next project

The writer-director Sachindra has given Neelu Vaghela aka Bhabho the role of a social worker who strives for women’s rights and benefits. The television actor was initially not too keen on doing this, but was convinced when she heard her role in the film.

The Diya Aur Baati Hum actor will be part of the movie which revolves around the life of Crorepati bar dancer Tarannum titled Mumbai Can Dance Saala.

Sachindra Sharma who was keen on having Neelu as a part of Mumbai Can Dance Saala, mentions, “It is true Neelu was hesitant earlier but after hearing the script and learning about her role as a fighter for the rights of women she readily agreed to be a part of the film. More than her ever rising popularity, it is her conviction in acting that made me ask her to be a part of the film. I come from Rajasthan and she has ruled Rajasthani cinema. She is a fabulous actor.”

Guess Bahbho’s Rajasthani popularity still continues to work for her.