What is Rakhi Sawant’s Marathi film all about?

The item queen is all set to wear the hat of a director for her ambitious Marathi venture. With Rakhi calling the shots, we wonder how controversially colourful the content of her movie could get…

Rakhi Sawant is a hyper ambitious soul! After producing a dhamakedaar Bhojpuri movie with Ravi Kishan, the motor-mouth babe is all set to wear the hat of a director.

We hear that the fiery babe is gearing up to direct a Marathi venture. “It’s is too early to talk about the film as everything is still in its nascent stage. I am also keen to work in the film, and I promise a good item number in it as well. My film will also have a great budget, and I will be signing some Bollywood and famous Marathi actors for cameos as well,” promised Rakhi as she was talking about the project.

After Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh tried their hands successfully at Marathi productions, now Rakhi will showcase her craft as a director.

For someone who has been always in the forefront with her notorious item songs, Rakhi is wearing the proverbial thinking cap to direct a movie. So far we have seen Rakhi creating big noises and staying in the news for all the wrong reasons. With the kind of experience she has gained by being the jhatak item gal we wonder how garish, over-the-top and raunchy Rakhi’s Marathi movie will be?

We hope Rakhi will give us a sensible (read tolerable movie) rather than making her audience watch a three hour long item number in which Miss Sawant herself will be seen swinging her booty vigorously!