What is Salman Khan’s new diet to reduce his paunch?

The Dabangg 2 star is all set to squeeze his bulging belly with a strict exercise and a stringent diet regimen

The first thing we noticed about Chulbul Pandey aka Salman Khan, when he appeared on the big screen singing Pandey jee seeti maare in Dabangg 2, was the generous belly of the megastar. The otherwise fitness freak Khan surprised us with his spreading midriff and beefy bod. But now a little birdie tells us that the 47-year-old actor wants to get back into shape with a stringent diet plan.

Sallu has inspired a generation of body builders with his impossible to achieve muscular frame. But of late, we saw the flamboyant actor sporting more flab than toned muscles. Sallu, we hear, is now keen to get back his famous washboard abs. Bhai still has his biceps and broad shoulders to boast of, but the stubborn paunch is refusing to melt away. So what is the Ek Tha Tiger doing to sculpt himself into the Adonis?

Salman, we gather, will cut down on his generous dose of biryani. In order to get rid of the carbs, he will be completely off rotis and rice. He has included loads of fruits and drinks plenty of water to stay energised. He has also incorporated protein-shakes in his diet to keep the energy levels up and build more muscles. Most importantly, Sallu has decided to kick the butt and very rarely is he seen smoking these days. Because of his health issues, he’s been advised to stay away from heavy weights and rigorous exercises. But he lift lighter weights with more number of sets.

Clearly, Sallu wants to have a better and healthier lifestyle. And the result of his good diet and meticulous exercise regiment has started showing results. So guys and gals, get all set to see a newer, healthier and sexier Salman soon!