What is the secret behind Kareena Kapoor’s newfound glow?

What is the secret behind Kareena Kapoor’s newfound glow?

Bebo is glowing like never before these days. And we wonder if it’s the shaadi ka effect that has brought about a new radiance on her face

Kareena Kapoor looked like such a diva as she made a glamorous appearance at the Bigg Boss 6 house recently to promote her new item song Fevicol se from Dabangg 2. She was seen wearing full-length Monisha Jaising gowns which made her look like an absolute pataka. Well, this bombshell is leaving people awestruck with her illuminating aura, not just at promotional events, but also in her recent films. She looks like a million bucks in Talaash, with long hair and fashionable clothes. A perfect state of neither being too thin nor very plump, Bebo looks amazing with the right amount of cellulite on her body.

And even though Salman Khan made light of Kareena’s words and constantly pulled her leg, he seemed quite awestruck with Bebo’s charm. He teased her by remarking that she tied the knot with the wrong Khan of the industry. The babe let her hair loose and took the sans-accessories route, which was the right style strategy as her shiny golden dress already provided the much needed bling. Very sophisticated, very la-di-da, Bebo is hands-down our new style queen, what say people!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Arun Sood

    In Dabangg movie ->> it was Jhandu balm..
    In Dabangg-2 ,its Fevicol..
    What’s next??
    Bonefix..Iodex..Harpic ?? :P

  • Tabarak Hossain

    plz never stop bebo. Hope oneday u will great one in b’twom.

  • soniya

    yes she is a style diva—
    nd i dont think her a new style queen ,
    she is always a most stylish among al
    our bollywood heroines.

  • stefiix rijiix

    Kareena looks beautiful in every cloth she wears….
    She was the queen of style in the past, is the queen of style now, and will always be the queen of style until she die!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep up the good work………