What is Veena Malik doing with Ashmit Patel in a swimming pool?

The Murder actor is seen doing something naughty with his ex-flame Veena Malik that will turn your stomach right over!

Ashmit-the who’s he?-Patel is back and how! The controversial and the ingloriously famous brother of starlet Ameesha Patel is doing some creep-worthy antics in this latest song Teri maa nu from his forthcoming movie Super Model starring none other than Veena Malik in the lead.

The two are best remembered for coochie-cooing in the reality show Bigg Boss and as if those histrionics were not enough, the duo is now indulging in something that will easily champion anything that you have ever seen in any C-grade flick. While our half naked dude is getting drunk in the pool, the voluptuous Veena is seen doing her usual seduction business.

Clearly Veena is using her past equation with Ashmit to get more attention and the Murder actor is so desperate that he has no qualms about acting in a film that will easily put even sister Ameesha Patel to shame. We also spotted Bobby Darling going green with envy in this number as our desperate-for-attention love birdies go wet- in a pool that is!

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