What is wrong with Bollywood? Salman Khan knows!

Is the hunk thinking of trying his luck in Hollywood? Or is he just venting about the way B-town works? Find out!

At a recent event held by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) Salman Khan bared his heart – as he usually does – about what’s so typical about the Bollywood film industry. And it all started with a simple question: Why won’t Salman try his luck in Hollywood?

According to Sallu, the Bollywood industry tends to go overboard in matters of the heart. “We just go on emotions and heart. We overdo anything,” he said. And just to drive the point home he referred to a dialogue from My Name Is Khan where his arch-rival Shahrukh Khan‘s words have been paraphrased . “I mean my name is actually Khan and I actually am not a terrorist.” Ooops!

The Dabangg Khan won’t entertain the idea of stepping foot into Hollywood, he insists. And no, that’s not because he is skeptical about his potential success in the West. Like any good bhai Salman has decided to spare H-town heroes like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt from any competition. “I am giving Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, all these guys a chance. Otherwise…poor guys,” Khan joked. And we can almost imagine Cruise and Pitt heaving a sigh of relief at this decision. Wink, wink.