What kind of a beau does Mallika Sherawat want?

The actor disclosed her criteria list when queried about the kind of qualities she would prefer in her potential boyfriend

The sexy babe, who will very soon be seen in English film Politics of Love confessed that there may be a lot of love happening onscreen but off-screen the score, is zero. In a recent interview when a journo asked her about the status of her love life, Ms. Sherawat replied in a disappointed tone that there’s absolutely nothing happening on that front, considering work is keeping her extremely busy. Admitting that she may get a little coquettish every now and then, but she’s pretty serious when it comes to finding the perfect partner. One of the interesting qualities she wants in her partner is that he should be a vegan and that she’s not exactly attracted to carnivores. Another criterion she doesn’t fail to emphasise on is that her boyfriend must know yoga and should be quite regular with it. What leaves us flummoxed is that who exactly would fit the list of such saintly qualities, especially in this big bad world. While Mallika is hell-bent on finding someone who has a halo on his head, the one person who comes to our mind is Baba Ramdev. If Mallika even thinks of considering him, she better keep in mind that Rakhi Sawant is one of the strong contenders.