What made Sanjay Dutt cry?

B-town’s Munnabhaai has been going through tough times lately. And this seems to have taken a toll on him rather badly

Sanjay Dutt has been going through a mountain of problems. First, he was sentenced to three years in jail for possessing illegal arms. Then his wife Manyata Dutt was diagnosed with a heart condition and eventually, a tumour was found on her liver.To add to the unfortunate series of events, Manyata fainted at the couple’s Bandra home on Tuesday due to a punctured lung. She was immediately rushed to a hospital in Parel and has been unconscious since then.

It was during this time when Sanju was sitting besides his beloved wife, that he broke down and started crying like a child. The poor actor was alone and inconsolable. According to the hospital staff, seeing his wife in that condition reminded him of his mother Nargis Dutt and first wife Richa Sharma who succumbed to cancer. “He was wailing, saying that he cannot take this anymore. He told the hospital staff that he has suffered many losses in his life which including his mother Nargis and first wife Richa Sharma. The sight of Manyata in the hospital bed, triggered all those memories,” said the source.

It is natural for Sanjay to be worried for his wife owing to his previous losses in life. Well, we wish him strength so that he can make through these tough times. And we hope Manyata will be in the pink of her health soon!