What makes Javed Akhtar an angry man?

Where is the dignity that Bollywood celebs of yore had, asks the veteran writer

Writer Javed Akhtar is one of the few celebrities on Twitter who is very vocal about his political views and he tries to have a fair reasoning with people who disagree with him, till the point they get too personal or abusive.His last post on the social networking site left us wondering who exactly was it aimed at and why? Akhtar tweeted, “Dignity has gone out of fashion. Yesteryears’ celebrities were like leather bound library editions. Today’s are like paperbacks.” Wethinks that the old-world charm of erstwhile B-town celebs was because there is a certain distance they used to maintain from their fans. In today’s world, anybody with access to the Internet can get into a verbal duel with any celebrity he or she likes. Many celebs have been trolled online; while some like Shahrukh Khan choose not to respond to fans, celebs like Hrithik Roshan try and reply to those they deem fit. Another point here is that in the old times the celebs were only known by the movies they did or at most that odd interview they did. Today most of the Bolly gang members interact with their fans on a daily basis and very often they come across as, to put it politely, very intellectually challenged. This often leads to ugly situations where the only option left for them is to block the trolls. Having said that, we are still pondering if Javed Akhtar has aimed his remark at either a Khan defending the controversial Bhaag DK Bose song or a certain Mr Bachchan who smartly guises a swearword under the phrase ‘Beep ki beep’ in the promo of his film just up for release. What do you feel about this?