What message did Sonakshi Sinha give on Women’s Day?

The lady popped up on the microblogging site wearing heart-shaped glares. But do you know what she said?

It’s International Women’s Day, and celebs are flooding the social networking portals with messages flavoured with varied emotions. So while browsing through those umpteen messages, we came across Sonakshi Sinha’s photo. One in which she looked totally wacky, with larger-than-face heart-shaped glares being held in place by her manicured fingers. Hatke, no?

We can clearly see that Sona had loads of fun while getting the photo clicked, but we wonder where she got the inspiration – rather the pair of glasses – from. Simple, from her dear friend Salman Khan! Remember, you saw a smaller version of those hanging from the back-collar of Sallu’s shirt in Dabangg 2? Yup, that’s the source, and we’re sure of it.

But enough talk about those hearty glares, peeps. ‘Coz what comes next is of utmost importance, especially today. And that’s the message Sona dished out – Ladies, shaant ho jao!!! EVERYDAY is our day ;). Hehehe, we agree with the ‘every day-our day’ part, but why should we be shaant (calm)?

Dear Sonakshi, ladies love a good chatter. So wethinks, instead of nudging us to stay calm, let us please talk and bring the house down. What say? Good idea, peeps? And yeah, you can join in too Sona.

Happy Women’s Day!