What should Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wear to the Cannes Film Festival?

What should Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wear to the Cannes Film Festival?

We hope Ash is not indulging in any flights of fancy about wearing exotic full length gowns or body-hugging ensembles to the Cannes Film Festival, ‘coz we definitely don’t want her making a fool of herself

It will be extremely brave if Ash decides to wear something that doesn’t complement her cellulite laden body. Tired of picking flaws and poking fun at the way she dresseswethinks it’s high time Ash does something to change our opinions about her. We also hope she avoids any kind of sartorial faux pas this time around, and flaunts something that shuts us up, at least for a brief duration.

So even if we haven’t been asked for our invaluable suggestions, we would still like to bring our helpful nature to the fore. And as we ponder upon what Ash should wear, there’s nothing else other than a gorgeous sari that comes to our minds. And while other celeb mommies like Beyonce and Lara Dutta are out there raising temperatures with their plunging necklines and short hemlines, we understand how helpless Ash must be feeling right now, considering she can’t do the same.

However, we are sure designers are thronging her place right now trying hard to convince her that their creation is the best option. But as long as she doesn’t feel the need to get all nice and saintly and put on a collective mess of sorts to make every designer happy, we think we would be kinda happy too!

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  • parsifal

    the woman gave birth less than a year ago, she will lose weight whenever she wants, and she will wear whatever she wants, who cares?why is this obssession with being skinny, as a woman I feel ashamed when women poke fun of other women’s weight(btw why putting beyonce’s pillowy pregnancy as an example?)

    • Gandhimathi

      You’re a woman? Who said? Hijra is correct answer. Lock kiya jaaye

  • LB

    Her baby daughter, husband and family are most important to Aishwarya. Leave her be. Whatever she wears will be exciting and beautiful. Aishwarya gave birth herself not have someone else give birth for her. It might take some months to get her figure back. Don’t worry….she will. She probably is nursing the little one and you have to eat not starve yourself. We love you Aishwarya here in America.

    • Gandhimathi

      We beleive that you have self love in america called mashterbation. enjoy. LB means pounds. that means you are fat?

  • Prasad Vara


    Ash is India’s Pride,India’s Diamond, a gorgeous Beauty with Brains-Miss world!
    She knows how to reduce her Weight and how to keep up the Pride of India internationally!

    As far as Dress is concerned, She needs to wear a Red or Black or any other color of her choice – Full Length Gown like a Hollywood Celebrity and like a Queen!

    I wish her all the Best of Luck and a bright Future!

    with best Regards,

    Software Engineer
    (working in USA)

    • Gandhimathi


      You should wear a “Full Length Gown like a Hollywood Celebrity and like a Queen!” like the Queen you are. No doubt you lives in a falt with others south indian losez like you and have inapriate relations with then.

  • Gandhimathi

    Nothing. That’s what she should wear.

  • j l b

    I think she is beautiful still.