What should be Drashti Dhami’s next career move?

Posted Wed, June 18, 2014 9:30am IST

Over the years, Drashti Dhami has tried her hand at a lot of things and come out successful. With the end of Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon – we wonder what her next move is

Drashti Dhami is the perfect example of an achiever.

She may have started her career as a model in music albums, but today she is a household name worldwide. She did ads and supporting roles in daily soaps until she bagged Geet Huyi Sabse Parayi followed by Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon.

It was purely her acting skills and good looks that brought her this far. Today she is also the host on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 7. While we admit she’s not good at hosting, we believe there’s nothing this girl can’t achieve. Don’t you agree?

We have a few suggestions on what our dear Madhu aka Drashti can do next:

Host Bigg Boss 8 with Salman Khan

By the end of JDJ 7, we are sure Drashti will become brilliant with her hosting skills. And considering Salman’s mother is a big Drashti fan, the actor can ask Salman to let her co-host Bigg Boss 8 with him. Or maybe even be a contestant in the upcoming season. It’s a well known fact that Salman loves launching new actors; this could be Drashti’s golden entry in to Bollywood.

Action vs drama

We’ve seen her cry, laugh, get angry and be childish, but the one thing we’ve not seen the girl do is action. Don’t you think it would be interesting to see Drashti as a cop or a detective in some show? Frankly, we would like Drashti in any role but a wife and bahu… it’s simply makes us yawn now.

Reality TV

In spite of her rigorous schedules, she tried her hand at Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 6 and walked away with the trophy. We believe there is nothing this girl can’t win if she puts her mind to it. Drashti could try doing some more reality shows and let her fans get acquainted with the real Drashti.

Well if none of the other options work and the actor wants to take a long break, there’s always marriage. Find a rich, hot and sexy looking businessman and settle down with him, well that’s definitely not on our list. BollywoodLifers, what according to you should your favourite TV actor do?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sahi Sony

    Drashti is a diamond in the telivision industry. <3

    • Princess

      yes ur rite

  • Moumita

    I seriously wanna see Drashti in a thriller show…..
    So…the options U hv given amng ds…I will go on wd Cop!! :)

  • Sam

    Oh i would love to see her doing a movie as lead actress….hopefully sum good director of BW soon recognize her amazing talent

    • Princess

      ur absolutly rite sam!!!

  • drashti

    yup she s heera

    excels @ whtvr she does

  • Angala Misti

    yes i want to see her in action movie she is hot and sexy drashti is a best actres in tellywood definetly want to see in movie i hope my wish is come true

  • Divya Muskaan

    I want her to host bb with salman

  • priyanka

    Drasti,,,, you can achieve anything in this world if you want to.
    and yes, i would like 2 see u in an action sequence


    drashti is queen of tv nd full of talent,,, defintly want her to do a movie,,,she hv all the qualities in her…. love u DD….

  • romy

    I want to see Drashti in new serial with Vivian Dsena.

  • Soni Sharma S

    Stop your mind-boggling stup1d hero worship. She might be a fair actress but she is a disaster as a host. She should stick to weepy dramas with designer outfits and HD make-up.

    • Richa

      Well thank God that someone doesn’t follow her blindly! Indian Television revels in mediocrity and is happy being ‘dumbed down’ all the time with the kind of shows being churned out and their leads getting so much hype and popularity for no apparent reason. Saw her on JDJ and she killed the show with her appalling act as a host!!

  • dimpy verma

    i love drashti u made movies now please.

  • viji meena

    other than mdhubala dd nd vivi doing other roject on colors