What was a pandit ji doing at Bipasha Basu’s Creature 3D trailer launch?

A peculiar looking pandit got the attention of paparazzi at trailer launch event

Vikram Bhatt’s love for horror films goes back to his Raaz days where a sexy Bipasha Basu hogged the limelight with the lead role. Now after a series of films in the same genre, Bhatt and Basu are back with Creature 3D. The trailer was launched yesterday at an event in Mumbai, where a baba ji caught the fancy of the media.

When asked by the paparazzi about the peculiar looking pandit ji standing alongside the stage, the director revealed that he was there to tie a holy thread on Bipasha Basu‘s wrist. ” Pandit ji has come to tie a red thread for Bipasha, as she was really scared to watch the trailer”, said Vikram Bhatt.

The baba ji did tie a red holy thread on Bipasha’s wrist and mentioned it is for peace of mind and prosperity. This publicity stunt worked very well for the Creature 3D team as it managed to grab media’s attention. We all know how pandits and priests and tantriks have been Vikram Bhatt’s go to man in his films’s climaxes. Creature 3D being a monster film, we wonder if the babas and the pandits have a role to play in it’s climax. Wink! Wink!