What was Bipasha scared of?

The Bong bombshell has some advice for those who have a little difficulty dealing with fear

This morning leggy actor Bipasha Basu tweeted: “Everyone needs to get over their fears! So whoever is scared of whatever, it’s time to see eye-to-eye with all that u fear and overcome it!” Does that come from personal experience? Yes. Apart from taking, perhaps, the toughest decision in her life so far, that of breaking up with longtime boyfriend John Abraham, Bips did something that she had wanted to do since the age of 16. A little earlier in the morning she tweeted, “From the age of 16 wanted to get a navel piercing! Finally I got guts to do it!” But it comes with a lament. “Looks great but it heals slowly! Can’t workout much for the next 15 days!” Well she needn’t worry too much, with a belly like hers, she can take a little time off and the navel ring is worth it. Best of all, Bipasha is not sulking and crying over her failed relationship. Instead, she seems to be smartly utilising her alone time – doing things she never did or had time for. We definitely like this new happy and sassy Bips. Her new piece of jewel. And the belly button, with one like hers, she definitely belongs to be part of our recent survey. Bring it on, baby!