What was Rajesh Khanna’s unfulfilled dream as a politician?

Though he worked hard on campaigning for the Congress party, the veteran actor’s wish of being nominated to the Rajya Sabha didn’t come true

A lot is being said about Rajesh Khanna’s acting career, but his outings as a phenomenal politician is not known. Legend has it, that the veteran actor was made a part of the Congress party after Rajiv Gandhi’s fallout with Amitabh Bachchan. With Kaka’s acting career on a downward spiral at that time, he relived his glory days with a stint in politics.

Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said Rajesh Khanna’s demise spells the end of an era in Bollywood. “When he was elected MP from New Delhi and till his tenure ended, he did not accept a single movie assignment, and he campaigned for me twice in Karad Lok Sabha constituency. Rajesh Khanna achieved stardom in a relatively short period and besides the film industry, ruled over the hearts of millions of fans.”

The phenomenon, as he was dubbed by Mumbai’s leading film writer Devyani Chaubal, always remained very much a filmi person. His mannerisms and frankness were often perceived as arrogance by his political detractors. Khanna’s close friends knew that he was a genuinely good human being. Bharat Upmanyu, a noted astrologer and his most trusted associate said to a newspaper, “Contrary to what people think, he was a softhearted and a genuine human being. He had tremendous intuitive sense and could always make out what the other person was thinking about him. Therefore, he would become intolerant of that person at times. He was very conscious of his popularity but also knew that his personal life’s upheavals had taken a toll on his career.” Maybe his genuine nature is something that hampered his rise in politics. Although his political stint was an integral part of his life at one time, it would’ve been a dream come true if only he was nominated to the Rajya Sabha….

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